Working Undercover, Rebelling, Stealing, Old Employees Become Commercial Spies
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Working Undercover, Rebelling, Stealing, Old Employees Become Commercial Spies

At the end of last year, Chengdu Yali Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yali) found that its sales performance plummeted and lost customers. Yali found that its "decline" was all from the "competition" of a mechanical company called "Fete" at the door of the house. What surprised Alice was that the workers of the company were their own. The original class. After a long-term investigation and evidence collection, the original:

In September 2014, the senior technical engineering personnel trained by Yali Company, namely the broach project team leader Wang Zhi and the technician Zhou Chun successively resigned. Subsequently, the workers on the broaching project production line also left the company one by one. I was surprised by the person in charge of the company.

At the end of 2014, Yali found that the original customer's demand for the product was reduced, and the sales performance showed a downward trend. By inquiring about the customer, Yali discovered that there is also a mechanical company called “Fete” in Sichuan, which is also producing such products, and the finished product style is exactly the same as that produced by the company, and the address of the company Just across the diagonal from Yali, the two are separated by a road.

If the company was awakened, the company felt that the business secrets developed by its own company were infringed. After several months of extensive evidence collection and work, it was found that the staff of the company were all formerly Yali. The technicians, including Wang Zhi, the leader of the broach project team, and Zhou Chun, a technician, all showed signs that Wang Zhi and others were suspected of infringing on trade secrets. After in-depth investigation and evidence collection, as the company's old backbone staff Wang Zhi, responsible for the development of the broach project. It is understood that the broach is one of the core projects of Yali Company.

Its research and development have consumed the efforts of several generations of Yali Company. When the Wangzhi era was reached, various technical parameters were finally formed. For Wang Zhi, he worked hard and thought that the company's salary was too low, and his economic income level after marriage was somewhat stretched, so he had the idea of changing jobs.

In July 2014, Wang Zhi met Yu Qian through a friend introduction. The two men negotiated and purchased equipment and leased factories from Yu Qian. Wang Zhi is responsible for technical support, that is, the technical CNC machine operating procedures for Yali’s production of broach products. As well as the design of the product drawings, a company specializing in the production of broaching equipment was established. However, after the company had production capacity, Wang Zhi returned to the “Yili” company and began to draw on other technical personnel on the production line, and promised to “dig away” the company’s other 10 other technicians with high salary and commission. 

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