Why is Corporate Employee Investigation So Important?
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Why is Corporate Employee Investigation So Important?

During the recruitment process, the information between the recruiter and the applicant is asymmetric, and the situation of the applicant is not well understood. It is limited to the resume, academic copy and interview result provided by the other party. Such things happen from time to time in enterprises, such as competitors pretending to be applicants in the key positions of competitor companies, stealing technical information after entering the other company, and at the same time will take the lead in bringing products or technologies to the market and seize the market opportunities, causing the core competitiveness of competitors to decline.

#The Hellenic DPA in response to a complaint conducted an investigation regarding the lawfulness of personal data processing on a server of 'ALLSEAS MARINE SA', as well as the lawfulness of access to and inspection of deleted emails of a senior manager for whom there was suspicion that he had committed unlawful acts against the company's interests.

The DPA, on the other hand, found that the closed-circuit video-surveillance system had been installed and operated illegally and, in addition, the recorded material submitted to the Authority was considered to be illegal.

Finally, the Authority found that the company did not satisfy the employee's right of access to his personal data contained in his corporate PC.#


Of course, many other similar cases will occur in the practice of the enterprise. The main reason is that the background information of the applicant is not enough. It is unclear about the integrity of the employees to be hired and whether they have bad records. Such employees will continue the previous bad behavior caused direct economic losses to the enterprise.

Therefore, by conducting a personal background check for employment on candidates in core positions of the company, you can fully understand the past experience of the employees to be hired, especially to investigate the work experience, education, work status, colleagues of the previous company and the evaluation of the employees to be hired and many more. In-depth understanding of the candidate's work ability, integrity status, etc., can effectively reduce the potential risks of the enterprise.

#The embattled car dealership Lookers has postponed publishing its full-year results after discovering a potential fraud inside the business.

The firm said it would appoint an external adviser to investigate suspicious transactions at one of its divisions, adding to its list of problems including an investigation by the Financial Conduct Authority for “control issues in [its] sales process” between 2016 and 2019.

Lookers sells vehicles for large manufacturers including Toyota, Ford and Volkswagen, as well luxury marques such as Aston Martin, Bentley and Ferrari.#


Therefore, a completely new employee background check can help to minimize the company's reputation risk, and can also effectively prevent fraud.

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