When is the Company Internal Investigation Necessary?
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When is the Company Internal Investigation Necessary?

Ⅰ. About the company internal investigation

Company internal investigations can serve for a variety of different purposes. From uncovering accounting fraud to responding to cybersecurity breaches to preparing for litigation. In all circumstances, business leaders need to be prepared to make informed decisions based on fast, confidential, uncompromising, complete and reliable data. When it comes time to conduct an internal business and competitive intelligence investigation, there is often not much time to waste. If anything, there is little room for error. This applies not only to the comprehensiveness of the investigation, but also to its confidentiality. Both situations could have adverse consequences if the investigation fails to uncover relevant information, or if the investigation becomes public before the company is ready to respond.

Ⅱ. When is an internal company investigation necessary?

1. Concerns about national security. Any company involved in the business that could be of interest to a foreign government or organization runs the risk of being targeted and of unintentionally disclosing information that could be used to harm national interests. Therefore, this necessitates an exhaustive company internal investigation, which may arise in different situations involving nearly every aspect of a company's operations.

2. Company executives or board members may breach fiduciary duties. Violations of the fiduciary duties of company executives and board members must be resolved quickly, with a focus on protecting the best interests of the company and its shareholders. Corporate private investigators can conduct independent, impartial and confidential investigations focused on gathering the specific information needed to determine whether a breach has occurred (or is occurring), and appropriately notify the company to response. In addition to the immediate financial impact, breaches of fiduciary duties can also cause reputational damage if made public, and the resulting loss of stock value could subsequently trigger shareholder lawsuits. Company internal investigations are necessary in order to discover the extent to which the problem spreads and determine the level of response required.

3. Network security vulnerabilities. Cybersecurity breaches are one of the most prevalent threats in today's corporate environment. They are also one of the most significant threats to many companies in terms of potential liability risks. When faced with a cybersecurity breach, companies must respond immediately, firstly starting with an internal investigation to determine: How did the breach occur? Which part of the company's data security is threatened? What information can an intruder have access to? Does the invasion continue? And another series of questions. These are all questions corporate private investigators with specific cybersecurity expertise can help companies to answer. Skilled corporate private investigators will also be able to preserve key evidence and provide a clear timeline of relevant events so that company leaders can identify where the fault occurred and respond appropriately.

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