Three Common Mistakes Of Debt Collection
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Three Common Mistakes Of Debt Collection

China RedStar Company has many years of debt collection experience. Here's a brief talk about three common mistakes of debt collection:

1. Lack of determination. The behavior of defaulting on debts has appeared, but for various reasons, the creditors have fantasies that the debtors will pay back their money in a time, and they have relaxed their vigilance, which is the basic reason that constantly encourages the other party's mentality of defaulting on debts.

2. Blind trust. The creditor blindly trusts the debtor without knowing the truth, believing that the relationship between them will not be in default for many years, and forgetting that "the environment will change one person". In the beginning, it was the swindler who deliberately failed to pay back the money. This is why debtors become deadbeat.

3. Loss aversion. This kind of mentality leads to the creditor's unwillingness to pay more time, money and energy to get back his rights and interests, and always hopes to complete the collection of arrears at the lowest cost. But the debtor will try to avoid paying the debt as much as possible.

Misunderstanding in Recovering Debts in Arrears

At the beginning of default, the debtor's malicious debt is often not many, most of which are just financial problems. At this time, he will first fill in the most urgent financial loophole, so the debtor does not really want to default at this time. If we strengthen debt collection at this time, we can often break the psychology of procrastination and fluke. Even if he does have financial problems, making appropriate concessions can generally recover the debt and debt. However, with the delay of time, the debtor's financial situation tends to get worse, and the psychology of malicious delay and evasion of repayment begins to breed. In the case of several times of delay and evasion, especially for long-term arrears, the debtor is often familiar with and master the creditor's psychology and means, and the psychology of default is gradually deepened. With the extension of time and the tension of relations, the determination of default will finally be formed.

It is very important to collect arrears on time. The best time to collect arrears is within half a year from the beginning of arrears. From half a year to one year, the debtor's financial situation may continue to deteriorate, and many overdue debts will continue to increase. They often look for various excuses and reasons to default on your debts and make you believe that he will repay you soon. This kind of appeasement only uses the minimum time and labor cost to deal with the recovery of you and other creditors. In particular, some debtors who intend to pay in arrears maliciously have begun to actively prepare to escape, to avoid your contact, not answering your phone, to avoid meeting you, including transferring cash assets, liquidating the company, selling real estate, etc. As a result, it is often difficult to recover the debts in arrears for more than one year, because the arrears have entered a deterioration stage. The debtor has understood the psychology and means of creditor's recovery and has done a good job in resisting the psychology and measures. The greater the amount of debt in arrears, the longer the time, the weaker the debtor's willingness to repay the debt, and even feel that the creditor has been unable to recover, resulting in the appearance of dead debts.

Therefore, China Redstar company recommends that you start to investigate and collect the debtor and understand the reasons for the default at the beginning of the default. If the debtor does have temporary financial difficulties, we will suggest that the creditor reach a repayment plan agreement with the debtor, so that the debtor can provide a guarantee and continue to follow up on the recovery. If the debtor is already insolvent or the actual operation stops, it is necessary to take timely actions to recover the debt to the maximum extent, reduce the loss and stop the loss in time.

In the actual recovery operation, especially in private debt, we must not care too much about the debtor's feelings, which will only break the relationship between the two sides. Excessive consideration of the other party is the main reason for the continuous loss of their own rights and interests, but if the stimulus is excessive, it is also easy to lead to the relationship rupture, leading to the debtor's determination to default in advance. The creditor needs to hold the best collection time node while having tolerance, so it is very important to know the basic situation of the debtor and the debtor in time. In general, we suggest that the creditor should conduct credit investigation in advance and in time to fully grasp the other party's operation and economic conditions, especially the cash flow and related financial statements of the enterprise, so as to make in-depth analysis, grasp the risk degree to the maximum extent and prevent the risk in advance. This kind of investigation is often cheap, which is absolutely worth the tens of thousands or millions of debts.

To sum up, it is the best way to collect arrears on time. Moreover, specialists only master his own field. It's better to hand over the collection of arrears to a professional. Because in the face of the debtor, he may be able to judge by a sentence or a look in your eyes: "I can just ignore him and pay nothing, what can he do to me?". Experience is needed to master the debtor's psychology, evaluate, judge and handle the situation.

China Redstar company has rich experience in investigation, follow-up and collection of arrears. Whether the debtor is missing or hiding, or the debtor is delaying repayment, we can make effective solutions for different people and things. We adhere to the highest standards, to provide you with excellent service!

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