The Role of Private Inspectors in Corporate Investigations
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The Role of Private Inspectors in Corporate Investigations

For many, the idea of a private inspector conjures up images from old movies where a private inspector hides in his car to take secret photos. For others, a private inspector is someone you'll only call in an emergency.

1. Understanding private inspectors

In fact, private inspectors, also known as private investigators, perform a wide range of tasks that can help people with relatively mundane but important personal or business matters. In general, private inspectors can help people gather information. However, they usually need training, and proper private inspector training can enable private inspectors to gather information more effectively. When dealing with business partners or third-party vendors in other ways, thorough risk management is important, and this is where private inspectors come into play.

2. The role of private inspectors in business

If you run a business or employ employees in any capacity, you may need to verify information about your employees. Employees engaged in fraud, theft, commercial espionage and breaches of non-disclosure agreements are perfect examples of areas where private inspectors can investigate and give businesses peace of mind. In addition, private inspectors provide surveillance services for disgruntled employees who may pose a threat to the business. Conversely, private inspectors also monitor employees who may be embezzling company equipment, stealing company equipment, providing free services, or engaging in nefarious activities.

Another situation where a private inspector can help is starting a new business venture. You may be considering a business relationship with someone relatively unknown, such as starting a new business together, and you want to double-check their history and credentials before taking on financial and personal risks. A private inspector can conduct a background check and introduce you fully before you make a final decision. Likewise, private inspectors can be used to verify information about any investment. If you're considering investing in a company, organization, or anything else, it pays to make sure that the company, group, or individual in question is completely aboveboard. A private inspector can research the necessary information to help you make an informed decision.

Private inspectors can also assist with workers' compensation issues. Unfortunately, the reality is that a large percentage of workers' compensation claims are fraudulent, which can cost businesses a lot of money in unnecessary claims. Using surveillance and other means, private inspectors can investigate and verify the veracity or other aspects of alleged harm.

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