The Importance of Corporate Risk Management
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The Importance of Corporate Risk Management

The internal and external environment of the enterprise has changed dramatically, which brings more and more uncertainty to the enterprise operation. It is necessary to put the firm risk and market risk management in project management on the agenda in time. The implementation of comprehensive risk management is conducive to strengthening the transformation of business management from focusing on goal (result) control to focusing on process control. Risk management itself is not a result, but a process. It pays more attention to the process and achieves its goal by controlling the process.

Risk management does not require that risk loss must not occur, but reduces the possibility of risk loss or the amount of loss under the condition of constant possibility, so as to reduce the volatility of business results. The realization of this goal is precisely achieved through the process control of risk management.

The pressure of enterprise operation risk is increasing: project investment and customers require shorter delivery time, more punctual, lower price and better quality. In the final analysis, the competition of enterprises is the competition of anti risk ability, that is, the competition of operation efficiency, cost control and management ability. Excellent and effective enterprise management ability has a direct impact on the completion of the enterprise's "quality, cost, delivery time" indicators. With the arrival of the era of low profit and the flattening of organizational structure, project management will play an increasingly important role in the enterprise.

The enterprise supervisor should not only lead the team to complete various tasks, but also effectively manage the progress, quality, cost and personnel of the production site. How to carry out operation management and production process risk control, and how to cooperate with other departments to deal with various risk issues on site. This has become a leap from technology to management to achieve integration and systematization. Therefore, in order to achieve excellent enterprises, enterprise leaders must pay attention to risk management, strengthen the training of firm risk and market risk management, and train a group of professional project risk management personnel, so as to fundamentally enhance the ability of enterprises to resist the firm risk and market risk in project management.

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