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IT And E-commerce

IT And E-commerce

The root cause of risks in the IT and e-commerce industries is the people who bring them, especially the core people (such as programmers, salespeople, and managers) working in the enterprise.

The core of the enterprise is information technology, data technology, patented technology, etc. The confidentiality of core technology is threatened by plagiarism from competitors and the departure of core personnel. Companies in the information technology, e-commerce and other industries will suffer severe economic losses due to leakage of trade secrets, infringement of patent rights, counterfeit goods, and misconduct of executives.

For customers facing the threats of IT and e-commerce industry risks, RedStar integrates related services to provide efficient and professional solutions to minimize or eliminate these risks and meet the safe operation of business transactions.

E-business Risks Solutions

Employee background check

The purpose of the employee background check is to provide useful information about the history of the individual,  assessing whether they may pose a threat to others or whether they are trustworthy. 

Employee violation

It is very common that employees committing crimes, among which, white-collar crimes, whether bribery, corruption, counterfeiting, fraud, encroachment, corruption, or extortion, can cause significant losses to businesses. 

Trade secret protection

The protection of trade secrets is mainly the self-protection of rights holders. The stronger the self-protection of trade secrets make, the smaller the possibility of trade secret infringement becomes. 

Violation of competition prohibition

The retired employees jointly joined the group; The core technical personnel set up another new enterprise and invested the technical secrets of the original enterprise into the new enterprise production; The customer suddenly decided to cut off the business contact. 

Fraudulent trading risk

The risks of fraudulent transactions have many forms and can be carried out on many levels. It is very extensive in all aspects of the company, role, industry, and market. It is one of the biggest and most devastating risks that companies confront, of which impact is enormous.

Project risk investigation

It includes transactional project risk investigation and long-term project risk investigation. Transactional project risk investigation refers to the operation of a major project being conducted by the investigator's intermediaries. Long-term project risk investigation refers to an investigation conducted by a company when its management requires long-term use of external investigative forces. 

Commodity counterfeiting investigation

We conduct investigation and evidence collecting services of commodity counterfeiting according to the requirements of enterprises, and provide a wide range of covert operations, such as secret surveillance of individuals or business entities, detailed background checks on individuals and businesses.

Competitor intelligence investigation

We can provide intelligence about your business competitors or potential competitors, track and identify potential crises and major issues that may arise in the competition, helping companies understand the changes in their competitors, and the threats these businesses may pose to the business, offering competitive intelligence support for companies to make wise decisions about strategic relationships, key transactions, and operational plans. 

Patent trademark infringement investigation

Red Star evidence collection investigation service of patent infringement in China can conduct research from various sources based on the information you provide, trying to find and identify unauthorized or fraudulent infringers pretending as you or your business.

Intellectual property infringement forensics

Intellectual property infringement involves someone's original work and copies or modifies it. Intellectual property theft occurs when an individual or organization misappropriates or exploits the intellectual property rights (including patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets) of another person or company for commercial purposes.

At Red Star, each case is unique and has a different solution. If your needs don't match any of the case types on the site, then it may be particularly unique or interesting, we like it and we are willing to provide excellent service to customers with the integrity and quality that customers expect from Red Star. Contact us today and ask for free!

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