International Trade Payment Settlement Risk
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International Trade Payment Settlement Risk

International Trade Payment Settlement Risk

With the rapid growth of international trade business soaring, payment risk in international trade is also increasing. The risk of international trade payment settlement is mainly reflected in the lack of an effective understanding of foreign customers before trading transactions, and it is unable to obtain sufficient international trade credit for them. After the transaction is completed, there is no timely transaction tracking and settlement of payment problems or business fraud, the other party can disappear with the unpaid bills and debts, causing international receivable accounts to be arrears and no recourse in any form.

For customers facing international trade payment settlement risks and international account disputes, Red Star has professional international trade credit solutions. From the time when the company signs contracts with overseas customers and the transaction is tracked to the final payment, RedStar can provide pre detective agency services of the other party's background credit, follow-up investigation of business finance, assist customers to recover the accounts receivable and avoid the credit risk in international trade, including:

Account receivable risk

Once the accounts receivable are formed, the accounts receivable customers default, and the case of no one to follow up, due to the stagnation of the company's information and the change of personnel, eventually, lead to overdue, default, or even bad debts.

Track missing person

In many cases, missing persons often leave little clues because of excessive debt or deception, and consciously conceal his position. Only professionals can find them. The cost of finding missing persons depends primarily on the available information about the missing person and the complexity of the search.

Investment transaction business risk

Investment transaction business risk becomes the enterprises' biggest risk in business activities such as investment, cooperation, trade, transactions, and business.

Business Credit Investigation

When companies and individuals engage in business activities such as investment and trade, there are full of various potential risks.

More Payment Risk In International Trade Solutions

International trade fraud risk   

Due to the different countries and regions where the two parties are involved in international trade, and a number of procedures of the sale, transportation, insurance and payment of goods, the mutual influence and restraint of the two parties are weak, it is not easy to be detected when fraudsters implement frauds. 

International contract default risk

In cross-border commercial trade activities, multinational corporations face a serious increase in international trade labor and economic contract breaches, fraud threats risks, payment risks, including international labor contracts, international investment contracts, international technology transfer contracts, and international sales contracts. 

At Red Star, each case is unique and has a different solution. If your needs don't match any of the case types on the site, then it may be particularly unique or interesting, we like it and we are willing to provide excellent service to customers with the integrity and quality that customers expect from Red Star. Contact us today and ask for free!

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