International Contract Default Risk
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International Contract Default Risk

International Contract Default Risk

In cross-border commercial and trading activities, multinational companies often face the risk of contract breach and threat of fraud, including international labor contracts, international investment contracts, international technology transfer contracts, and international sales contracts.


With a focus on China, Red Star assists in conducting economic contract breach investigation services and international trade contract fraud risk solutions for clients facing international trade contract breaches and fraud risks. Through an in-depth investigation of business contract breaches and frauds, we grasp the real situation of the target audience and assist customers to effectively identify and protect the international business contract default risk. To support your business development, you can clearly understand our acquired information and evade international business contract fraud risks and international business contract fraud risks including:

Fraudulent trading risk

The risks of fraudulent transactions have many forms and can be carried out on many levels. It is very extensive in all aspects of the company, role, industry, and market. It is one of the biggest and most devastating risks that companies confront, of which impact is enormous.

Project risk investigation

It includes transactional project risk investigation and long-term project risk investigation. Transactional project risk investigation refers to the operation of a major project being conducted by the investigator's intermediaries. Long-term project risk investigation refers to an investigation conducted by a company when its management requires long-term use of external investigative forces. 

Employee violation

It is very common that employees committing crimes, among which, white-collar crimes, whether bribery, corruption, counterfeiting, fraud, encroachment, corruption, or extortion, can cause significant losses to businesses. 

Enterprise risk prevention

Enterprise risk prevention and control is a very vital part of enterprise management, and it is one of the important means for enterprises to prevent commercial risks and ensure business security. The commercial investigation is the best way to solve this problem.

Violation of competition prohibition

The retired employees jointly joined the group; The core technical personnel set up another new enterprise and invested the technical secrets of the original enterprise into the new enterprise production; The customer suddenly decided to cut off the business contact. 

Corporate employee investigation

The enterprise employee risk investigation is mainly divided into employee background investigations and employee compliance investigations. The service items for investigating the relevant information of the employees to be hired, the employees on the job and the employees who are leaving the company are an important aspect of the enterprise human resource risk management and corporate legal risk management and control.

Trade secret protection

The protection of trade secrets is mainly the self-protection of rights holders. The stronger the self-protection of trade secrets make, the smaller the possibility of trade secret infringement becomes. Trade secret protection can provide sufficient evidence for legal protection when business infringement occurs

Corporate rights forensics

The forensic investigation of enterprise rights protection is to conduct an in-depth investigation of the infringement facts when the enterprise is infringed. 

Investment transaction business risk

Investment transaction business risk becomes the enterprises' biggest risk in business activities such as investment, cooperation, trade, transactions, and business.

Corporate background credit investigation

When companies and individuals engage in business activities such as investment and trade, there are full of various potential risks.

More solutions

International trade fraud risk    

Due to the different countries and regions where the two parties are involved in international trade, and a number of procedures of the sale, transportation, insurance, and payment of goods, the mutual influence and restraint of the two parties are weak, it is not easy to be detected when fraudsters implement frauds. 

International trade payment settlement risk

The risk of international trade payment settlement is mainly reflected in the lack of effective understanding of foreign customers before trading transactions, and is unable to obtain sufficient credit for them. 

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