Debtor Tracking
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Debtor Tracking

Debtor Tracking

If your debtor disappears, they change their contact phone number, change their company name, or even move their house. Maybe you have exhausted all available methods and still cannot find them. If the debtor is not found in time, the debt cannot be recovered. If you want to find a missing person, then our professional debt recovery services can help you. Contacting debt recovery collection agency's professional investigators to track the person you are looking for is the best option.

RedStar has a high success rate in finding and tracking debtors. We process all information with the highest levels of confidentiality while complying with the highest ethical standards. We use investigative techniques to visit targeted friends and family members when necessary and perform actual searches of the places where they last appeared. We provide the debt collection and recovery service nationwide to quickly and effectively identify and track individuals, assist creditors to find missing (escaping) debtors, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of creditors:

Track missing person

In many cases, missing persons often leave little clues because of excessive debt or deception, and consciously conceal his position. Only professionals can find them. The cost of finding missing persons depends primarily on the available information about the missing person and the complexity of the search.

Account receivable risk assessment

Once the accounts receivable are formed, the accounts receivable customers default, and the case of no one to follow up, due to the stagnation of the company's information and the change of personnel, eventually, lead to overdue, default, or even bad debts. 

At Red Star, each case is unique and has a different solution. If your needs don't match any of the case types on the site, then it may be particularly unique or interesting, we like it and we are willing to provide excellent service to customers with the integrity and quality that customers expect from Red Star. Contact us today and ask for free!

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