What Do We Do?
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What Do We Do?

Our corporate business investigation service

When companies take steps to get business or try to reduce the risk of fraud, it's critical to get company intelligence and analyze and explain it. Red Star can provide effective information to help you better control your business decisions when you need it today. This is especially true when making effective decisions in a highly competitive and ever-changing market. RedStar's Enterprise Business Intelligence Investigation breaks down information silos, helps you identify key people and events, and ultimately makes informed and accurate business decisions.

Our corporate risk prevention services

RedStar's risk prevention investigation can make your business activities safer and protect against potential market risks. To this end, we will investigate real-time insights from other companies that have business and business transactions with you, so that you can better understand the risks of your business activities, analyze problems in-depth, and use it to assess that you may wish to cooperate or merge. Companies that help you make informed decisions by gaining an in-depth understanding of the status of these companies, improving the quality of decisions, and reducing the risk of decision-making mistakes. We can also check your business transactions to ensure they are fully implemented, reducing risks such as fraud and loss.

RedStar's detective agency services are tailored to the specific requirements of the client and the specific circumstances of a particular situation. We have a complete confidentiality system and security measures, and all conversations and information related to the investigation are strictly confidential. We will not be responsible for your situation unless we are confident that we can provide the services you need. Once we process your case, we will identify issues or suspected incidents in the most efficient and professional manner, develop investigation strategies, address your needs, and prevent any further damage to your interests. At every stage of the company's handling of risk events, from incident investigation to risk disappearance, we will follow up to ensure that you are satisfied with the services we provide.

Before starting any business, because every investigation is unique, everything we do is subtle, we recommend that you call and talk to us. We are proud to meet and exceed your expectations. No matter what your business is, whether you are in China or overseas, our services can help you. We place the highest value on our understanding of each customer and our response to their needs. We develop customized, cost-effective programs to help you find and solve current problems faster and better.

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