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Other Cases

Other Cases

Case 1: Tracking people

A successful man in his 50s hired RedStar to track the whereabouts of his children's friends and found his lost friends through our follow-up search.

Case 2: Employee theft

The customer felt that he had lost some bulky but expensive raw materials. RedStar was monitored by the factory and nothing started, but we told our customers that suspicious employees are coming back two to three Saturday nights every month, and we should continue on the following Saturday. At about 4 am on the following Saturday, a truck parked outside the factory, and the driver called the phone and drove into the factory. The customer has advised that there should be no loading and unloading activities at that time. Half an hour later, when the truck drove out, we found that in addition to the driver, the employee was in the passenger seat and the truck was filled with bulky and expensive raw materials.

Case 3: Pirated material

A customer is angry that his copyrighted material has been counterfeited in several parts of China. The investigators at RedStar collected these counterfeit sales outlets and obtained evidence of infringement, identifying the people involved in counterfeit sales.

Case 4: Extortion and withdrawal

A high-profile chairman was "blackmailed" by a woman living in China with a six-figure amount to reach an agreement he could not fulfill. When she left her last known address, the client tried in vain to find her in order to have a common solution. The client did not intend to pay her because he knew that if she paid her, she would continue to extort and blackmail him. The investigator of RedStar managed to track the lady's new home and found that she lived with her husband and teenage son. With the lady's new address and other information, the customer found her and reached a friendly solution. The customer did not pay her anything.

Case 5: Manager bribery

The manager of a well-known furniture giant received a bribe from the supplier of more than 2 million yuan. The management of the company suspected the manager's wrongdoing and hired RedStar to conduct an investigation. A few months later, the evidence for the manager was sorted out. Apart from being a reckless man, he was still a gambler and the manager was sentenced to imprisonment.

Case 6: Competitive Intelligence

A large company operating multiple service areas in China found that competing companies are developing a new customer base for a specific service. Client companies let us know about competitors' activities in this area. Through RedStar's survey, we provide our customers with the names of many of our competitors' customers, let our customers understand their competitors' business strategies, and help protect our customers' dominance in the field.

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