Case-Network Investigation, Explore The Sale Of Fake System
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Case-Network Investigation, Explore The Sale Of Fake System

Case-Network Investigation, Explore The Sale Of Fake System

Introduction: In recent years, with the rapid development of China's Internet, China's e-commerce economy is leading the world. Online shopping has become an indispensable part of people's daily life. Such development has led to the transfer of criminals from the traditional offline store market to the major platforms of the Internet. This requires a higher ability to investigate to adapt to the current Internet environment.

Network Investigation Explore The Sale Of Fake System

E-commerce survey case: Open from the online photo album, take the time to find the truth.


The target discovery was started by a website photo album, which uploaded a large number of pictures with brand logos and continued to update. The pictures are obviously not official shots. The album was named Shenzhen Longhua Yichun Garment Factory, so strange albums were caused. Investigate the attention of the staff.

Through the analysis of the big data system of Shenzhen Longhua Yichun Garment Factory, the person in charge of the Alibaba store is Liu Yi.

It is worth noting that the Alibaba store did not release the product, but on the front page of the store, there was a picture with an X trademark product, and an X brand was found in the product category column of the website. The store product category involves many brands but no products. What is going on?

Through preliminary communication on the telephone, we learned that Shenzhen Longhua Yichun Garment Factory is mainly engaged in the production of seasonal clothing and custom-made high-imitation clothing according to customer requirements. Liu Yi said that brands with big brands or micro-selling brands are involved, such as a certain G, a certain A, a certain C and so on.

Asked about the product inventory, Liu Yi said, "Only a small amount of stock, usually a batch will be shipped to the major agents, and provide clothing pictures, in order to avoid risks, the factory will not store a large stock, online shop stores do not Will be on the shelves." It was learned from the conversation that Liu Yi had a mature system of selling fake products, providing one-stop counterfeit products management services from the provision of photo albums to high-imitation clothing, to production and transportation.

Finally, RedStar combines offline information and online big data system search and analysis to lock three related companies: 1. Guangzhou Tianhe District Guqing Clothing Wholesale, 2, Guangzhou Lixin Trading Co., Ltd., 3, Shenzhen Longhua New District Bindi Garment Factory HC website. In order to exhaust the entire sales and sales network, the case is still undergoing more in-depth investigation and evidence collection. Once the evidence is conclusive, it will report to the relevant departments and assist law enforcement agencies to investigate and deal with the infringement of relevant targets.

Network Investigation Explore The Sale Of Fake System


As the commercial market economy prospered, the number of illegal acts of fraud and fraud increased, which led to the investigation of counterfeit and fraudulent investigation companies. The birth of Rhodes in 2006 is aimed at intellectual property protection, trademark rights protection, and business investigation of major multinational corporations and enterprise groups.

Since 2010, RedStar has integrated online and offline business survey services nationwide with Internet technology. It has served dozens of well-known domestic and foreign companies and has joined forces with law enforcement agencies to comprehensively crackdown on infringement targets. It protects the intellectual property rights of right holders, enhances the brand awareness of rights holders, and enhances the market share of rights holders.

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