How to find a private detective service in China?
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How to find a private detective service in China?

How to find a private detective service in China?


The scope of China's private detective business is very wide, including tracing, extramarital affairs investigation, marriage loyalty investigation, emotional fraud investigation, child behavior monitoring, personal background investigation, Whereabouts investigation, property investigation, corporate background investigation, employee investigation, recovery Debt, fraud investigations, intellectual property investigations, counterfeiting and rights protection, business intelligence investigations, and more.


Private detectives in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan can be legally operated, but in mainland China, private corporate detectives are a mysterious profession. This is because of China's special national conditions, Private detectives have not been recognized by the Chinese government and are called gray industries. China joined the WTO. According to the requirements of the World Trademark Intellectual Property Organization, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce of China listed "detective companies" in the new "Division of Goods and Services Trademark Registration" in October 2002, allowing the registration of "detective companies" trademarks. But being able to register does not mean that a company can be established and operated. Because the state has not explicitly changed the relevant policies, private detective companies exist in the form of "consulting companies" and "investigation companies". In China, it is not easy for "private detectives" to avoid legal risks. In order to avoid being hit by government departments, detective companies are so secretive about their business that it seems very mysterious. So, How to find a secret detective agency in China for investigation services?


China Red Star Limited was established in 2018. The company's predecessor was Shenzhen Hua An Investigation Company, established in 2005. The founders, Mr. Hua and Mr. Liang, have specialized in private detectives since 2002.

After more than ten years of work hard, groping in the dark, suffering under the scorching sun. We have evolved from a traditional private detective agency into a corporate investigation agency focused on risk investigations, business intelligence, and forensics.


To improve the quality of commercial investigation services, we have made a series of changes and adjustments while maintaining the possibility of using special inspection methods in traditional detective investigation activities. Through our deep understanding of China's business environment and social culture, and rich experience resources, we ensure that we provide each customer with a distinguished service that is safe, secure, efficient, and professional. We rely on honest and pragmatic investigation services to provide our clients with sufficient factual evidence, actively protect their core interests, make unremitting efforts to meet their needs and satisfaction, and provide them with strong legal support and guarantee for their operations and development. We focus on business investigation and evidence collection, providing business services to nearly 500 companies, assisting companies in the company background investigation, employee investigation, trademark and patent infringement, intellectual property investigation, counterfeiting and rights protection, business intelligence investigation, fraudulent business risk, and trade business fraud, Competitor intelligence, and other professional services so that clients can avoid and reduce business risks and losses on the premise of understanding the facts, and legally safeguard their rights and interests.


While China Redstar strives to create value, we always adhere to high standards of ethics and integrity and have a high responsibility to customers, shareholders, employees and families. We will never find a shortcut between professionalism and ethics. We always adhere to the business philosophy of "integrity, pragmatism, cooperation, and win-win", keeping in mind corporate social responsibility. We strive to create a company that respects, encourages, and cooperates.

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