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  • How to find a private detective service in China?

    How to find a private detective service in China?


    The scope of China's private detective business is very wide, including tracing, extramarital affairs investigation, marriage loyalty investigation, emotional fraud investigation, child behavior monitoring, personal background investigation, Whereabouts investigation, property investigation, corporate background investigation, employee investigation, recovery Debt, fraud investigations, intellectual property investigations, counterfeiting and rights protection, business intelligence investigations, and more.


    Private detectives in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan can be legally operated, but in mainland China, private corporate detectives are a mysterious profession. This is because of China's special national conditions, Private detectives have not been recognized by the Chinese government and are called gray industries. China joined the WTO. According to the requirements of the World Trademark Intellectual Property Organization, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce of China listed "detective companies" in the new "Division of Goods and Services Trademark Registration" in October 2002, allowing the registration of "detective companies" trademarks. But being able to register does not mean that a company can be established and operated. Because the state has not explicitly changed the relevant policies, private detective companies exist in the form of "consulting companies" and "investigation companies". In China, it is not easy for "private detectives" to avoid legal risks. In order to avoid being hit by government departments, detective companies are so secretive about their business that it seems very mysterious. So, How to find a secret detective agency in China for investigation services?


    China Red Star Limited was established in 2018. The company's predecessor was Shenzhen Hua An Investigation Company, established in 2005. The founders, Mr. Hua and Mr. Liang, have specialized in private detectives since 2002.

    After more than ten years of work hard, groping in the dark, suffering under the scorching sun. We have evolved from a traditional private detective agency into a corporate investigation agency focused on risk investigations, business intelligence, and forensics.


    To improve the quality of commercial investigation services, we have made a series of changes and adjustments while maintaining the possibility of using special inspection methods in traditional detective investigation activities. Through our deep understanding of China's business environment and social culture, and rich experience resources, we ensure that we provide each customer with a distinguished service that is safe, secure, efficient, and professional. We rely on honest and pragmatic investigation services to provide our clients with sufficient factual evidence, actively protect their core interests, make unremitting efforts to meet their needs and satisfaction, and provide them with strong legal support and guarantee for their operations and development. We focus on business investigation and evidence collection, providing business services to nearly 500 companies, assisting companies in the company background investigation, employee investigation, trademark and patent infringement, intellectual property investigation, counterfeiting and rights protection, business intelligence investigation, fraudulent business risk, and trade business fraud, Competitor intelligence, and other professional services so that clients can avoid and reduce business risks and losses on the premise of understanding the facts, and legally safeguard their rights and interests.


    While China Redstar strives to create value, we always adhere to high standards of ethics and integrity and have a high responsibility to customers, shareholders, employees and families. We will never find a shortcut between professionalism and ethics. We always adhere to the business philosophy of "integrity, pragmatism, cooperation, and win-win", keeping in mind corporate social responsibility. We strive to create a company that respects, encourages, and cooperates.

  • What Do We Do?

    Our corporate business investigation service

    When companies take steps to get business or try to reduce the risk of fraud, it's critical to get company intelligence and analyze and explain it. Red Star can provide effective information to help you better control your business decisions when you need it today. This is especially true when making effective decisions in a highly competitive and ever-changing market. RedStar's Enterprise Business Intelligence Investigation breaks down information silos, helps you identify key people and events, and ultimately makes informed and accurate business decisions.

    Our corporate risk prevention services

    RedStar's risk prevention investigation can make your business activities safer and protect against potential market risks. To this end, we will investigate real-time insights from other companies that have business and business transactions with you, so that you can better understand the risks of your business activities, analyze problems in-depth, and use it to assess that you may wish to cooperate or merge. Companies that help you make informed decisions by gaining an in-depth understanding of the status of these companies, improving the quality of decisions, and reducing the risk of decision-making mistakes. We can also check your business transactions to ensure they are fully implemented, reducing risks such as fraud and loss.

    RedStar's detective agency services are tailored to the specific requirements of the client and the specific circumstances of a particular situation. We have a complete confidentiality system and security measures, and all conversations and information related to the investigation are strictly confidential. We will not be responsible for your situation unless we are confident that we can provide the services you need. Once we process your case, we will identify issues or suspected incidents in the most efficient and professional manner, develop investigation strategies, address your needs, and prevent any further damage to your interests. At every stage of the company's handling of risk events, from incident investigation to risk disappearance, we will follow up to ensure that you are satisfied with the services we provide.

    Before starting any business, because every investigation is unique, everything we do is subtle, we recommend that you call and talk to us. We are proud to meet and exceed your expectations. No matter what your business is, whether you are in China or overseas, our services can help you. We place the highest value on our understanding of each customer and our response to their needs. We develop customized, cost-effective programs to help you find and solve current problems faster and better.

  • Why Are We Your First Choice?

    Customer success is our success, and getting customers to be effective is our ultimate goal.

    We work directly and pragmatically, pursuing excellence and avoiding mediocrity.

    Innovation and progress: Innovation drives us forward, and our opportunities to win the future come from innovation.

    Teamwork: We despise all selfish behavior.

    Our service concept:

    Customer achievement: Customer service is the only reason for existence. Customer demand is the driving force for development, and our service will bring greater value to customers.

    Integrity: Integrity is our first principle unconditionally adhered to, is the cornerstone of our customers, and wins respect.

    Professional orientation: Professional depth determines the height of our development, the choice of customers, and our position in the industry.

    Independence and objectivity: Avoid conflicts of interest or undue influence. Don't "land" solutions to help customers create value and solve problems.

    Customer confidentiality is essential.

    Customer benefits are critical.

    It is important for us to take action ethically and legally.

    Providing professional detective agency services, we are available 24/7.

    We focus on our client's goals and adjust our strategies accordingly.

    We respect the budget and deadlines.

    We communicate clearly and concisely and in real-time with our customers.

    The role of Redstar company is to solve customer problems, not to create new ones.

    "Customer first, quality-oriented, innovation-driven, multi-win"

    Diversity: A combination of data surveys, field surveys, and other survey models.

    Confidentiality: All entrusted and entrusted intentions implement a lifelong confidentiality system.

    Flexibility: The entrustment method has written entrustment, network entrustment, and telephone entrustment.

    Reliability: The survey plan is implemented after customer confirmation.

    Timeliness: Quick commissioning through the investigation of commissioned green channel surveys.

    Integrity: Survey summary complete analysis of the entire case and coping strategies.

  • Why Do You Need To Investigate?

    How to ensure the safety of the business conduct of a company fundamentally determines the rise and fall of a company.

    1. Lack of labor costs, security awareness, information or intelligence errors, leading to major decision-making mistakes and various crises;

    2. A sudden drop in market share, weak sales, reduced profits or losses, resulting in a business crisis;

    3. Competitors suddenly sneak, block sources of supply, steal customers, squeeze the market, and create market crises;

    4. Trademarks, commodities are infringed and counterfeited, scientific and technological achievements, new product development leaks, rumors can not be discovered or effectively stopped in time, resulting in security crisis and confidence crisis;

    5. The company's senior management personnel, major professional and technical personnel damage the company's interests, and human resources crisis occurs;

    6. The company has experienced bad debts, leaks, theft, destruction, theft and other emergencies.

    7. The emergence of these crises, from the perspective of intelligence, is the weakening of intelligence functions and information feedback, loopholes or obstacles in risk management, solving problems, and resolving the crisis without intelligence gathering and investigation and evidence collection.

    Our advantage

    1. Red Star Company has complete independence and rich industry experience, measuring its own success with customer satisfaction, and earning professional dignity and professional honor through professional investigation level and noble professional ethics.

    2. As one of the leading investigation companies in China, RedStar understands your needs, not only to provide customers with the ability to provide data and information but also to have strong planning and operational capabilities. We submit results rather than reports, emphasizing practical advice and how to put it into practice. We provide satisfactory solutions for companies.

    3. RedStar strictly guards the customer's trade secrets and is responsible for the solutions provided to the customers. The connects our interests with the customers, and winning the results for the customers is our ultimate goal. We also have reasonable prices and excellent after-sales service, to ensure that follow-up questions are answered at any time after submitting the investigation report until the customer is satisfied.

    4. The RedStar's team pays attention to contributions and is easy to cooperate. The customer is based on honesty and integrity. Our work methods are direct, pragmatic, the pursuit of excellence and avoid mediocrity. We are loyal to the company's mission and vision.

  • What is the Status of Private Detectives in China?

    The biggest feature of China's private detective industry is "mystery." This has nothing to do with a professional image, but because they are not recognized by Chinese law. China joined the WTO. According to the requirements of the World Trademark Intellectual Property Organization, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce of China listed "detective companies" in the new "Division of Goods and Services Trademark Registration" in October 2002, allowing registration of "detective companies" trademarks. But being able to register does not mean that the company can be established and operated. Because the state has not explicitly changed the relevant policies, private detectives are still "illegal", and private detective companies exist in the form of "consulting companies" and "investigation companies". In China, it is not easy for "private detectives" to avoid legal risks. In order to avoid being hit by government departments, detective companies are so secretive about their business that it naturally looks very mysterious.

    Chinese people's needs for detective agency services fall into four categories: one is an investigation of marriage issues, and due to an increase in extramarital affairs and other phenomena, one party in a marriage relationship needs to obtain evidence of "infidelity" from the other; second, it is in a debt dispute The creditor needs to know the debtor's whereabouts so that the debtor can repay the debt in a timely manner. Third, In business activities, there is a need to understand the business background, credit, and capabilities of participants. Fourth, in criminal cases, the parties want to obtain More evidence to defend or sue.

    2002-2012 was a decade of rapid development of private detectives in China. Without government supervision, China's detective industry was very chaotic. The scale of Chinese private detective companies was the largest in 2008. There are about 2,500 to 3,000 private survey companies, with more than 200,000 professional investigators, plus part-time and temporary hires, and nearly 300,000 employees. This shows the demand of society for the private detective industry. Prior to 2009, the most prominent problems in the detective industry were: first, personal privacy information was sold by small companies for extremely low prices, resulting in a flood of personal privacy leaks; Second is that private detectives often include debt collection work. The use of underworld debt collection and violent debt collection is widespread and even leads to the death of the debtor. Third, some malicious clients use the information and materials provided by private investigators to carry out criminal activities, causing many social hidden dangers and risks.. In 2009, China's public security department, in conjunction with other national agencies, focused and severely cracked down on private detective companies nationwide. At least more than 70% of private detective practitioners have switched careers, but the market has a demand for private detectives and the private detective industry still exists.

    Since China's entry into the WTO, international trade and economic activities are frequent. Now some large foreign multinational groups in the Chinese market, many issues involving the company's key interests will seek the assistance of private detectives (in fact, foreign investigative agencies such as Pinkerton in the field of intellectual property And other companies have entered the Chinese market). There are many matters that are very professional and not suitable for general legal institutions such as government agencies and law firms. Solving social problems with business logic is the advantage of private investigators. In a society ruled by law, solving problems through legal procedures is undoubtedly the first choice for people to resolve disputes, but there are unavoidable disadvantages: the procedure is relatively complicated, the cost is too high, and it may not be effective. If private detectives can provide more powerful evidence and facts, they can not only provide services to the parties, and protect the legitimate interests of citizens, but also greatly reduce the pressure on public prosecutors' agencies. This is why many western countries have complete legal systems, and the private detective industry cannot be completely replaced, and sometimes even the government has to rely on this industry. More importantly, private detectives behave differently from the government. The government does not charge for serving citizens. The corporate investigation agency deals with social issues based on business logic. Therefore, to a certain extent, private detectives may be more powerful. Willingness to serve and better work efficiency. From the perspective of market competition, the rise of private detectives may also encourage the government to provide better services to the people. Some scholars believe that if private detectives can obtain a benign social evaluation, this also means that as members of society, we are also an important social management force. This is a manifestation of social progress.

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