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Case-Redstar Investigation

Case-Redstar Investigation

Case 1: Insurance claim investigation

An insurance company cooperated with RedStar to request the identification of the target person's injury. The target person claimed that the neck injury required insurance claims, and the insurance company suspected that the target person exaggerated the severity of the injury.

Investigation found

After close surveillance and observation, we found that the target person only wears a neck support when entering the clinic. When leaving the clinic, the target person still wears a neck guard and moves slowly. After a few minutes, the target person took off the neck guard and the action returned to normal without any signs of injury.

Survey results

RedStar collects visual and photo evidence and provides important evidence that this is a fraudulent injury claim, allowing the insurance company to expose the target person's scam and protect its own interests.

Case 2: Due diligence

A private equity client worked with RedStar on its merger/acquisition (M&A) project in mainland China. The client wants to confirm the data of the target company in order to sign the project at a reasonable price.

Investigation found

RedStar conducted a cross-functional survey of the target company, its key management personnel and suppliers. After interviewing the target company employees, the RedStar investigators found that they did not receive remuneration for overtime work. Employees also said that some managers steal products from the company and sell them online.

Survey results

We successfully purchased the genuine products manufactured by the target company on the online shopping platform, confirming that the information is true. Customers use the information and evidence they gather to gain a better understanding of their potential business partners and to reduce significant risks early.

Case 3: Background and asset survey

One of RedStar's clients was a creditor in a liquidation case, while the director of the liquidation company claimed that no director had sufficient assets to repay the debt.

Investigation found

RedStar conducted a background check on the directors and found that a director is a major shareholder and key management personnel of a company in mainland China, and the company will be publicly listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Further asset surveys revealed that two directors were involved in uncompleted transactions in Hong Kong.

Survey results

Based on the information collected, our customers were able to recover some hidden assets.

Case 4: Maintain the brand to recover the infringement loss

At the beginning of 2015, RedStar represented a Swiss R&D wood processing and connection company to conduct a multi-patent rights investigation in the country. Finally, through on-site inspection and acquisition of samples, our company quickly confirmed the infringement facts and mastered its production, infringement. The factory acknowledged the infringement and expressed its willingness to stop the infringement, destroy the inventory, transfer the produced mold to the right holder and voluntarily pay 400,000 economic losses to the rights holder.

Case 5: High imitation fake market research

In November 2016, a well-known foreign watch brand company found our company, sought cooperation, conducted market research on the recent product sales slump, and conducted a thorough investigation by RedStar personnel. It found that high imitation fake products flooded the market and seriously interfered with authenticity. After the acquisition of the customer's authorization, our company cooperated with the law enforcement department to crack down on multiple related dens in the middle of the night and seized tens of thousands of counterfeit watches. The famous watch brand recovered huge economic losses and effectively cracked down on the arrogance of fake sales.

Case 6: Auto parts company trademark was invaded

A well-known Japanese auto parts company authorized RedStar to conduct an infringement investigation. After an in-depth investigation, it was discovered that in Jieyang City, Guangdong Province, a certain automobile equipment company was suspected of infringing the registered trademark rights of the company, and finally, under the efforts of our company, The first instance of Jieyang City Court ruled that the infringing company was sentenced to immediately stop production and sales of products infringing the registered trademark rights of the Japanese company, and was sentenced to one-time compensation for the company's economic loss of 300,000 yuan.

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