Case-Factory Commercial Theft Investigation
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Case-Factory Commercial Theft Investigation

Case-Factory Commercial Theft Investigation

The theft of processed products in a factory in China recently severely damaged the market order and caused great losses to the brand and customers. In the theft investigation, RedStar made a key contribution to the investigation and collection of the case, successfully recovered the reputation and losses of the factory, and timely resolved the corporate crisis and prevented the situation from deteriorating.

A well-known handbag design manufacturer has dozens of handbag processing factories in China, supplying more than half of the world's handbags. However, after an accidental spot check, it was found that many so-called “original orders” were circulated in the market. In fact, there were no parallel imports purchased through proper channels, which seriously affected the brand image and harmed the interests of consumers. In this regard, the agent convened an emergency meeting to deal with the corporate crisis and discussed countermeasures and treatment methods. Initially, it was concluded that the handbag products were maliciously stolen, leading to the circulation of some parallel imports and imitation goods. To this end, the agent factory commissioned RedStar to assist in the handling of the theft case and investigate the ins and outs of the matter.

After the investigation by RedStar, a Taobao merchant was particularly suspicious. The merchant not only took out more than forty color categories involving the brand's bags, but also sold new products that have not yet been listed, and the internal employees are most likely to be self-stealing. In order to put out the information, the staff of RedStar Research Company exchanged with the Taobao merchants in the name of purchasing, obtained detailed information such as the source channel of the brand bag, the authenticity and other details, and further investigated and found that there were factory employees who secretly operated in secret. Incorporate samples and products into private pockets and trade through logistics and agreed on places. The company also investigated the sales network and sales address of the merchant, collected all the information, and submitted the police to handle the alarm.

Through RedStar collection of the relevant evidence of theft and sales, the police successfully smashed the employees inside the factory and the suspects who sold the goods at the sales address, and smashed a mouse warehouse that was stolen from theft. The total price of the goods seized on the spot. It has reached more than 1.3 million and has saved a lot of losses for the agency factories and enterprises.

It is the mission of RedStar to investigate and collect evidence and restore the truth. With careful investigation arrangements and extensive evidence collection, RedStar has provided professional survey services for many companies and businesses and continues to provide outstanding contributions to customers in business incident investigations, helping companies reduce losses. Maintaining the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises is not infringed.

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