Case-Background investigation
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Case-Background investigation

Case-Background investigation

Case 1: Background investigation

A British company plans to open an office in China and is looking for a local partner. RedStar conducted an in-depth investigation of potential partners and found that potential partners had previously committed fraud and litigation with former business partners.

Case 2: Brand Protection

A French clothing company received complaints from customers who bought inferior fakes in the Chinese market. Redstar conducted an in-depth investigation to determine the factory that produced the fake goods and coordinated with the Chinese administrative law enforcement agencies. As a result, the counterfeit factory was sealed and the customer's brand was maintained.

Case 3: Tracking the debtor

A Shenzhen jeweler disappeared after borrowing five million from a friend. The creditor did not find him after five years of exhaustion. After the investigation of RedStar, he found the debtor went to Beijing and found him. The customer recovered arrears.

Case 4: Fraudulent Insurance Claim

A commercial diver was injured at work. He claimed that he could no longer make a living by diving. RedStar obtained evidence to debunk his lies and prove that he is still diving.

Case 5: Background investigation

An international client instructed RedStar to investigate the background of the individual. After reporting our report to the client, his history, company, information such as family and relationships.

Case 6: Violation of confidentiality contract

The former employee of the customer established another company in the same industry. RedStar collected evidence of his misuse of customer documents, such as technical drawings, sales contracts and technical knowledge.

Case 7: Counterfeit car parts

A reputable auto parts company received a message from a local company that has been providing counterfeit auto parts. Through investigation and supervision, the RedStar Business Survey collected evidence of sales and storage from the target company.

Case 8: Partnership Fraud

A company director suspected that another director would transfer his business to another company. After the RedStar investigation, we obtained evidence that the director transferred the business to another company established by a relative.

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