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RedStar's Comparative Analysis Of The Top Ten Survey Methods

  1. Field observation method

    Advantages: Get the most direct, vivid and perceptual knowledge and reliable first-hand information.

    Disadvantages: Subjective factors of the respondents have great influence, and it is difficult to deeply understand the problem in depth.

  2. Interview survey method

    Advantages: The questions that apply to the survey are more in-depth and can get more and more valuable information.

    Disadvantages: The interview process takes a long time, costs are high, the privacy is poor, and it is greatly affected by the surrounding environment.

  3. Conference investigation method

    Advantages: Redstar believes that this research method is highly efficient, and it can quickly learn more detailed and reliable social information, saving manpower and time.

    Disadvantages: It is difficult to select respondents with higher levels and it is difficult to make in-depth and meticulous conversations.

  4. Questionnaire survey method

    Advantages: It can break through the limitations of time and space, and survey a large number of respondents at the same time in a wide range, which is suitable for current problems, large samples, short periods, and relatively simple investigations.

    Disadvantages: Only get written social information, but can not understand the vivid and specific social situation. The cost is high, the consumption time is long, and the difficulty is large.

  5. Expert investigation method

    Advantages: Relying on its knowledge and experience to make judgments and assessments of problems. It is applicable to information analysis and prediction problems that are lacking in information and historical data but are more influenced by social, political, and human factors.

    Disadvantages: Redstar, as a leading corporate detective agency in China, believes that this method is difficult and costly to investigate. Due to the limitations of time conditions, it is difficult to make in-depth and meticulous conversations, and the academics are strong and the sample size is small.

  6. Sample survey method

    Advantages: This method can save manpower, material resources and financial resources, and can obtain relatively accurate survey results in a short period of time, with strong timeliness.

    Disadvantages: The insufficient number of samples will affect the accuracy of the survey results, and the sample survey requires that the sample selectivity is very high and effective.

  7. Typical survey method

    Advantages: As a professional corporate investigation agency, Redstar believes that when the survey sample is too large, this method can be used to save cost and time, while at the same time obtaining the survey target.

    Disadvantages: It is difficult to accurately select objects that are more familiar and representative of the overall situation.

  8. Statistical survey method

    Advantages: It is suitable for analyzing the development trajectory and future trend of a certain item, which is convenient for intuitive analysis and more rigorous.

    Disadvantages: The statistical caliber should be unified, and the internal changes require actual investigation to form a complete cognition.

  9. Literature survey method

    Advantages: It can break through the limitations of time and space, conduct a wide range of investigations, and facilitate the summary and analysis. At the same time, it has reliable data and receives large effects with small human and material resources.

    Disadvantages: Generally, it can only be used as a pilot of the investigation, but not as a realistic basis for the investigation conclusion. The consultation is that the timeliness of the data is insufficient.

  10. Test investigation method

    Advantages: The research results can be directly obtained, and it is easy to find the cause and the crux of the problem, objective and accurate and effective recognition.

    Disadvantages: The implementation is difficult, the efficiency is low, the cost of acquisition is high, and it is difficult to carry out on a large scale.

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