Personal Translation Steals Business Secrets And Makes Millions
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Personal Translation Steals Business Secrets And Makes Millions

Personal Translation Steals Business Secrets And Makes Millions

As a Japanese translator hired by the company, Liu smelled the "business opportunity" in close contact with Japanese experts. He used copying, sneak shots and other means to steal business secrets such as drawings of diamond wire saw production equipment in secret measures. The technology company that has invested in the company has established another company that produces diamond wire saw equipment. In just one year, it has gained more than 10 million yuan.

In August 2015, Liu was employed by a high-tech company (hereinafter referred to as “Gaoke Company”) to translate Japanese. Gaoke Company is engaged in the research and development and production of diamond wire saw equipment. This equipment is widely used in the polysilicon cutting industry, around 2015. In order to develop diamond wire saws, Hi-Tech Company hired a Japanese expert at a high price to build this technology. However, the expert hired by the high-tech company did not understand Chinese. So, the high-tech company found Liu and asked him to be a close-knit translator of Japanese experts, whether it was daily interaction or the documents, drawings, data, etc. involved in the work. The translation work is all handled by Liu. Liu and the Japanese expert can be described as close contacts. Considering the nature of his work and the importance of his work, in order to protect the company's trade secrets from being stolen, Hi-Tech Company is also a three-member chapter on this "skin-in translation", signed with Liu. At the same time, the company specifically emphasized the principle of confidentiality. However, Liu's “translation officer” only served for high-tech companies for less than a year, and then left. No one knows about the whereabouts of Liu.

Soon, the company successively obtained a message from some suppliers. A company named “Jintai” seems to have mastered their technology. In just one year, many companies producing polysilicon have purchased. The diamond wire saws produced by "Jintai" Company are sold for more than two million yuan each. As a company in the same field, they immediately realized the seriousness of this problem. After finding RedStar, after some investigations by our company, we found that the technology used by the equipment manufactured by Jintai was actually developed by their company. The technology is exactly the same, even the details of the product are the same, how can there be such a clever thing in the world? After an in-depth investigation, I found that Liu, who used to be a Japanese translator at Gaoke, had a major suspicion. The high-tech company immediately alerted the police. The police found Liu himself and found many drawings of the diamond wire saw the equipment in his laptop computer, which is exactly the same as the product drawings developed by the former owner.

It turned out that during his close contact with Japanese experts, Liu used his work convenience to smell the business opportunity. So he quietly copied the diamond wire saw equipment drawings from the research team including Japanese experts from the work computer. I got to my personal computer and successfully brought out the company. After that, Liu chose to resign and took the “drawings” as a technology shareholding. He and other two people set up a company that produces diamond wire saws, named “Jintai”, and Liu made technology. He accounted for 40% of the company’s shares. The other two are funded. By the time of the incident, the company had sold 7 pieces of equipment, illegally sold more than 20 million yuan, and Liu and others illegally made more than 10 million yuan.

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