Trade Secret Protection
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Trade Secret Protection

Trade Secret Protection

The disclosure of trade secrets will lead to a loss of business opportunities and crisis coming from a setback in competition. Trade secrets can be technical information or business information, including formulas, patterns, procedures, policies, recipes, equipment, future product designs, customers, price lists and technologies of commercial value. The protection of trade secrets is mainly the self-protection of rights holders. The stronger the self-protection of trade secrets make, the smaller the possibility of trade secret infringement becomes. Trade secret protection can provide sufficient evidence for legal protection when business infringement occurs; If the self-protection of trade secrets is soft, it will easily have leakage and infringement. Furthermore, it is also difficult to provide sufficient and powerful evidence to obtain legal protection.

In the practice of trade secret protection, RedStar started with three factors, the value, the weakness and the threat of trade secrets in the risk of leakage, and adopted a diverse of security measures. At the same time, RedStar controls the impact of these three factors to be in an acceptable lower level, and manages the risk of disclosure within  an allowable scope with effective disposal methods and control measures, to prove that the target person or business has stolen your secret and they used secret to destroy your business, thus protecting the security of your trade secrets.

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