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Project Risk investigation

Project Risk investigation

Project risk investigation services include transactional project risk survey and long-term project risk survey.

1. Transactional project risk survey refers to the operation of a major project being conducted by the investigator's intermediaries, helping the company to guard against any risks that the project may confront. If a company is working on a cooperative development project, the company needs to:

A. Conduct in-depth and responsible research about the status of the project and provide a basis for decision making.

B. Investigate the financial and technical capabilities invested by the partners in the project.

C. Investigate the reliability of project negotiators and to prevent losses due to the moral hazard of negotiators.

D. During the performance period, if there is a sign of default, the company must know what happened and then make a decision.

E. In the investigation of project construction, the enterprise must be aware of the qualifications and ethical standards of the project construction personnel, and whether there is a moral hazard in the procurement of materials for project construction.

F. After the project is completed and put into production, the enterprise will need to know the qualifications and ethical standards of the project operators.

2. Long-term project risk survey refers to an investigation conducted by a company when its management requires long-term use of external investigative forces. The characteristics of this investigation are that the respondents may be of great quantity, but the types are roughly the same. Such as:

A. Human resources survey

Survey content: Employees' background checks, compliance surveys, and competition surveys.

B. Overseas Trade Partner Project Survey 

Survey content: Background and credit investigation of overseas cooperative enterprises.

C. Branch investigation

Survey content: branch office operation survey, responsibility survey of branch agent.

D. Survey of competitors in the market

 Survey content: a survey of competitor intelligence.

Measuring risk in project management takes a relatively long time and can be concentrated on a period of time as needed or periodically.

At RedStar, our project risk investigation team gains a deeper understanding of the people and events behind the target company and any other useful information through professional risk analysis process in project management. RedStar provides customers with detailed project risk investigation reports, provides project risk management recommendations, and helps companies identify and manage risk in a project to avoid or minimize risks.

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