Patent Trademark Infringement Investigation
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Patent Trademark Infringement Investigation

Patent Trademark Infringement Investigation

Trademark patent infringers not only cause corporate reputation damage, spoil or weaken your market share or competitive advantage, but also deceive consumers, not to pay taxes to the government and fail to hold other responsibility.

RedStar's evidence collection investigation service of patent infringement in China can conduct research from various sources based on the information you provide, trying to find and identify unauthorized or fraudulent infringers pretending as you or your business. After searching for a high degree of caution, the search will place the necessary deemed targets under covert surveillance, and investigate the facts of patent infringement, collecting and maintaining evidence of patent infringements. The evidences include the subjective situation of the infringer, the facts of the infringement and the losses caused by patent infringement. Our research team is very familiar with China, including remote markets. Our mission is to help companies to maintain their brands.

For more solutions to collect evidence of patent and trademark infringement investigation, please refer to the following link:   

Legal Industry 

In the legal industry, lawyers are the cornerstone of legal procedures. In general, investigation and evidence collection is a problem that plagues lawyers, and the legal work required far exceeds the responsibility of the law firm's own employees.  

Anti-counterfeiting Investigation   

The lack of intelligence about counterfeit products and business not only seriously damages the company's profitability and brand reputation, but also investigation and collecting of all infringements such as unfair competition, counterfeit goods, and trademark infringement.                      

Litigation and Legal Support 

We provide litigation and legal support to our clients. Legal disputes are complex, expensive and time-consuming, and nothing is worse than losing lawsuits. Missing key information or unacceptable evidence lead to losing.

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