Investigation Of Enterprise Rights Protection
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Investigation Of Enterprise Rights Protection

The forensic investigation of enterprise rights protection is to conduct an in-depth investigation of the infringement facts when the enterprise is infringed. Common case includes disclosures of trade secrets, trademark infringement, sales of counterfeit goods, unauthorized sales and contract defaults, etc., These cases will cause countless losses to the enterprise. In enterprise infringement cases, in spite of the greatest efforts and even litigation the company has made, it is still impossible for the enterprise to provide the required pieces of evidence to obtain a successful result. Worsley, the enterprise would lose the lawsuit, due to the lack of key information or the unreliability of key evidence. To support your case, it is vital to collect and maintain more relative information and evidence through professional investigators.

  • Trade Secret Protection

    Trade Secret Protection

    The disclosure of trade secrets will lead to a loss of business opportunities and a setback in competition. Trade secrets can be technical information or business information, including formulas, patt...
  • Patent Trademark Infringement Investigation

    Patent Trademark Infringement Investigation

    Trademark patent infringers not only cause corporate reputation damage, damage or weaken your market share or competitive advantage, but also deceive consumers, do not pay taxes and other responsibili...
  • Intellectual Property Infringement Forensics

    Intellectual Property Infringement Forensics

    Intellectual property infringement involves someone's original work and copies or modifies it. Intellectual property theft occurs when an individual or organization misappropriates or exploits the...
  • Commodity Counterfeiting Investigation

    Commodity Counterfeiting Investigation

    We conduct commodity counterfeiting investigation and evidence collection services according to the requirements of enterprises, and provide a wide range of covert operations, such as secret surveilla...

Redstar's corporate rights forensics investigation service provides the most appropriate form of evidence for corporate infringements by maintaining the highest ethical standards for the most effective investigations at all angles, tailored to the specific circumstances and specific requirements of the company. We often assist corporate legal counsel to design and implement agreed investigative strategies and obtain evidence.

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