Fraudulent Trading Risk
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Fraudulent Trading Risk

Fraudulent Trading Risk

The risks of fraudulent transactions have many forms and can be carried out on many levels. It is very extensive in all aspects of the company, role, industry, and market. It is one of the biggest and most devastating risks that companies confront, of which impact is enormous. Commercial anti-fraud investigations vary from general business investigations. Whether it is a start-up, a small or medium-sized enterprise or a multinational company when they encounter some fraud in business transactions, they can actively reduce related risks and protect corporate interests from fraud with an in-depth investigation.

RedStar's fraudulent transaction risk investigation service collects evidence about fraud and helps companies overcome fraudulent risks such as investment fraud, identity theft, property fraud, debtor concealment of assets, property transfers, and online fraud. Our ultimate goal is to help companies make the right decisions, solve the fraud problems that may or may have been victimized by the most appropriate ways and ensure that your funds are safely invested and rewarded.

For more solutions to fraudulent transaction risk investigations, please see the links below:

International Contract Default Risk

 In cross-border commercial trade activities, multinational corporations face a serious increase in international trade labor and economic contract breaches, fraud threats risks, including international labor contracts, international investment contracts, international technology transfer contracts, and international sales contracts.                               

International Trade Fraud Risk   

Due to the different countries and regions where the two parties are involved in international trade, and a number of procedures of the sale, transportation, insurance and payment of goods, the mutual influence and restraint of the two parties are weak, it is not easy to be detected when fraudsters implement frauds.          

International Trade Payment Settlement Risk

The risk of international trade payment settlement is mainly reflected in the lack of effective understanding of foreign customers before trading transactions, and it is unable to obtain sufficient credit for them. 

Legal Industry     

In the legal industry, lawyers are the cornerstone of legal procedures. In general, investigation and evidence collection is a problem that plagues lawyers, and the legal work required far exceeds the responsibility of the law firm's own employees. 

Cyber Scam Investigation 

 Dating friends' love cyber scams are more concealed, less costly, and more fraudulent, making them a new way of committing crimes. Security issues are becoming more and more prominent, and online dating frauds are frequent. 

Debtor Tracking   

The debtor is missing, they change their contact number, change their company name, and of course, move the house. You may have exhausted all available methods and may find it difficult to find the debtor, which disappears with the debt. If the debtor is not found in time, the debt cannot be recovered.       

Litigation and Legal Support 

We provide litigation and legal support to our clients. Legal disputes are complex, expensive and time-consuming, and nothing is worse than losing lawsuits. Missing key information or unacceptable evidence lead to losing.

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