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Employee Background Check

Employee Background Check

The purpose of background verification for contract employees is to provide useful information about personal history, assess whether they may pose a threat to others or whether they are trustworthy. It aims to help build more trust relationships and security in society and the workplace.

The general background investigation is mainly carried out from two aspects of educational background and work experience. Business owners usually sign contracts with pre-employment background check companies specializing in background checks, which may include criminal records, employment records, credit records, driving records, and even medical records. However, it is estimated that more than 40% of resumes may contain false or modified information, and false information about new employees is risky for business owners. Big data shows that fraud, corruption, kickbacks, theft, disclosure of company secrets and commercial espionage are often carried out by internal employees.

RedStar's employee background screening services assist companies to conduct in-depth background checks on candidates for core positions in the company, to fully understand and confirm employees' past work experience, especially work experience, education, work conditions, professional ethics, performance status, colleagues or the company Evaluation, etc. By an in-depth understanding of the capabilities and integrity of the interviewees, the company's capital, technology and personnel risks can be effectively reduced.

For more solutions to employee background investigations, please see the links below:

Engineering Construction Industry 

The engineering construction industry has many difficulties, unbalanced market supply and demand, vicious competition, the actual price is won, the construction project has a large investment, the construction period is long, the construction is difficult, the technology is complicated, the project participants are numerous, and the receivables are difficult to recover. 

Financial Investment Industry 

Based on the high-risk feature of the industry, the financial investment industry faces a variety of fraud risks, including bankruptcy fraud, attracting fraud, contract fraud, bill of exchange fraud, cheque fraud, collateral fraud, mortgage fraud, and misappropriation of public funds, etc.

IT And E-commerce 

The e-commerce transaction model has more risks than other business models. The root cause of the risks lies in the people who bring these risks, especially the core personnel working in the enterprise (such as programmers, salespeople, and managers).  



Manufacturing is facing a turning point in growth and opportunity in a complex global competitive landscape. Companies must constantly respond to unprecedented risks, pressures, and uncertainties to maintain competitive advantage and achieve faster speeds and scale than their competitors.   


Real Estate Industry 

The risks of the real estate industry are not only likely to cause serious problems in the social, policy, economic and other fields, but also the human and project risks, including the core personnel leaking important resources of the company, the default and management of the property company, and the abuse of power by the owners.      


Wholesale and Retail Trade  

Wholesale and retail industries include Internet retailing, franchise retailing, the risks of facing commercial theft, business fraud, employee corruption, and disruption of suppliers and distributor channels, which may result in reduced revenue, reduced market share, increased costs, and damage to the reputation and customer confidence of the business.     

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