Enterprise Investigations
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Enterprise Investigations

China Red Star's corporate investigations is to provide support basis to you when you are establishing business cooperation, making investment transactions, making business plans, making business decisions to basis, to find more valuable information, in order to avoid and reduce corporate business risks faced. It mainly includes the corporate background credit investigation, the competitive intelligence survey, the investment transaction business risk investigation and the purchaser supplier risk investigation.

  • Investment Transaction Business Risk

    Investment Transaction Business Risk

    Investment transaction business risk becomes the biggest risk faced by enterprises in business activities such as investment, cooperation, trade, transactions and business. Due to insufficient informa...
  • Corporate Background Credit Investigation

    Corporate Background Credit Investigation

    When companies and individuals engage in business activities such as investment and trade, there are full of various potential risks.
  • Competitor Intelligence Investigation

    Competitor Intelligence Investigation

    How to know the strengths, weaknesses, and loopholes of competitors? How do you know the competitors' buyers, suppliers, and potential partners?
  • Buyers Supplier Investigation

    Buyers Supplier Investigation

    Conducting in-depth buyer and supplier investigations can help you meet your strategic and tactical sourcing needs, helping you reduce total cost of procurement, reduce time to purchase, broaden supplier mix...
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