Corporate Employee Survey
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Corporate Employee Survey

The enterprise employee risk survey is mainly divided into employee background surveys and employee compliance surveys. The service items for investigating the relevant information of the employees to be hired, the employees on the job and the employees who are leaving the company are an important aspect of the enterprise human resource risk management and corporate legal risk management and control.

We understand the various problems that companies may face, such as commercial espionage of stealing confidential information, employees use their powers to encroach on the company's interests, to conduct fraud, bribery, theft and violate non-competition, etc., Conducting background checks on employees and exit investigations of high-risk employees are powerful measure to protect corporate rights.

  • Violation Of The Competition Prohibition Investigation

    Violation Of The Competition Prohibition Investigation

    The retired employees joined the group, the core technical personnel set up the enterprise and invested the technical secrets of the original enterprise into the production of the new enterprise. The ...
  • Track Missing Person

    Track Missing Person

    Looking for a missing person? For example: trying to find a missing debtor? A relative who has been separated for many years? A friend who lost contact? Looking for witnesses or escaping debtors for c...
  • Employee Violation Investigation

    Employee Violation Investigation

    Employees committing crimes are extremely common, and white-collar crimes, whether bribery, corruption, counterfeiting, fraud, encroachment, corruption, or extortion, can cause significant losses to b...
  • Employee Background Check

    Employee Background Check

    The purpose of the employee background check is to provide useful information about the history of the individual to assess whether they may pose a threat to others or are generally trustworthy. Desig...

RedStar's Corporate Employee Risk Investigation Services include:

1. Conduct pre-employment background checks on employees to understand their backgrounds such as to conduct, ability, education, employment and social relations; 

2. Investigate the activities of specific employees during specific work and life, external contacts, etc.;

3. Investigate the life and entertainment, work efficiency of senior employees and foreign representatives, whether they are responsible for the company, morality and quality;

4. Investigate and initiate criminal cases of internal workers' theft, destruction, violations of laws and regulations, and cases;

5. Conduct a survey of the company's senior management personnel and important promotion personnel to understand their capabilities, conduct, contribution, training and use value, loyalty and credibility;

6. Receive the company's entrustment and conduct secret investigations and background investigations on professional managers, company executives, sales departments, procurement department personnel, financial department employees, and internal employees;

7. Investigate private orders and employee loyalty of employees, report on the other party's private company and related personnel, and prevent customers' losses to the greatest extent;

8. Investigate the corruption, theft, internal and external collusion of internal staff, and trace the hiding place of stolen goods, trace the company and person who pays bribes, investigate and evaluate the losses caused;

9. Investigate and collect evidence of violations of trade secrets, leakage of trade secrets, and conduct monitoring and investigation of relevant core personnel;

10. Employees violate the non-competition agreement investigation, employee turnover investigation, employee violation of confidentiality agreement investigation, etc.

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