Commodity Counterfeiting Investigation
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Commodity Counterfeiting Investigation

Commodity Counterfeiting Investigation

We conduct investigation and evidence collecting services of commodity counterfeiting according to the requirements of enterprises, and provide a wide range of covert operations, such as secret surveillance of individuals or business entities, detailed background checks on individuals and businesses. These undercover investigation services are essential for high discreet. These services can be used to investigate some important cases. Comparing with open cases, getting information is much more difficult. We need to deploy our investigators to target companies to get information about the manufacturing chain and the supply chain. We can usually track counterfeit goods through the supply chain to confirm who is distributing and making fakes. We will search and provide the following evidence and information: samples, sample books, photos, catalogs, quotations, invoices of infringing products; Name, address, business card, company registration, personal information of the infringer; Manufacturing process, sales process, sales channel, sales quantity, the shipping time of the infringing product, and etc.

Red Star has always been regarding combating counterfeit brand's roots as the highest pursuit of commodity counterfeiting investigation and evidence collection. Red Star supports law enforcement actions and coordinates with law enforcement agencies, to eliminates the root and the emergence of counterfeiting products. Red Star also implements civil seizures to recover counterfeit goods to make the sales of counterfeit brands be effectively controlled, helping enterprises to cope with the infringements in the current market and improving the market share and sales share of genuine products, thus, protects the brand image and safeguards the interests of enterprises.

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Financial Investment Industry

Based on the high-risk feature of the industry, the financial investment industry faces a variety of fraud risks, including bankruptcy fraud, attracting fraud, contract fraud, bill of exchange fraud, cheque fraud, collateral fraud, mortgage fraud, misappropriation of public funds, etc. 

IT And E-commerce

The e-commerce transaction model has more risks than other business models. The root cause of the risks lies in the people who bring these risks, especially the core personnel working in the enterprise (such as programmers, salespeople, and managers). 


Manufacturing is facing a turning point in growth and opportunity in a complex global competitive landscape. Companies must constantly respond to unprecedented risks, pressures, and uncertainties to maintain competitive advantage and achieve faster speeds and scale than their competitors.

Wholesale and Retail Trade

Wholesale and retail industries include Internet retailing, franchise retailing, the risks of facing commercial theft, business fraud, employee corruption, and disruption of suppliers and distributor channels, which may result in reduced revenue, reduced market share, increased costs, and damage to the reputation and customer confidence of the business. 

Anti-counterfeiting Investigation

The lack of intelligence about counterfeit products and business not only seriously damages the company's profitability and brand reputation, but also investigation and collecting of all infringements such as unfair competition, counterfeit goods, and trademark infringement.

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