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Buyers Supplier Investigation

Buyers Supplier Investigation

Conducting in-depth business and consumer surveys can help you meet your strategic and tactical sourcing needs, helping you reduce the total cost and time of procurement, broaden supplier mix and increase negotiation information support. 

Why is the supplier evaluation survey so important? When supplier performance deteriorates, such as insufficient cash flow, credit limit, capital shortage, and even bankruptcy plan, these financial problems will not be disclosed to customers in time, resulting in late delivery shortages, piled-up excuses , and various suppliers risks including supply disruption and sustainability, bribery and compliance of corruption, the reputational damage of quality of safety, social responsibility, and ethics, etc. Suppliers' bad behavior may lead to reduced revenue, lower market share, increasing costs and damages to your business reputation and customer confidence. Even the failure of upstream suppliers can put pressure on your own suppliers and expose the company to many risks. That's why supplier assessment survey is so important.

As a professional secret detective agency, Red Star collects as much information as possible about current or potential suppliers for the buyer-supplier investigations to prevent the risks that affect its supply chain.

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International Contract Default Risk   

In cross-border commercial trade activities, multinational corporations face a serious increase in international trade labor and economic contract breaches, fraud threats risks, including international labor contracts, international investment contracts, international technology transfer contracts, and international sales contracts.


International Trade Fraud Risk   

Due to the different countries and regions where the two parties are involved in international trade, and a number of procedures of the sale, transportation, insurance and payment of goods, the mutual influence and restraint of the two parties are weak, it is not easy to be detected when fraudsters implement frauds. 


International Trade Payment Settlement Risk  

The risk of international trade payment settlement is mainly reflected in the lack of effective understanding of foreign customers before trading transactions, and it is unable to obtain sufficient credit for them.  


Financial Investment Industry

Based on the high-risk feature of the industry, the financial investment industry faces a variety of fraud risks, including bankruptcy fraud, attracting fraud, contract fraud, bill of exchange fraud, cheque fraud, collateral fraud, mortgage fraud, misappropriation of public funds, etc. 

Debtor Tracking

The debtor is missing, they change their contact number, change their company name, and of course, move the house. You may have exhausted all available methods and may find it difficult to find the debtor, which disappears with the debt. If the debtor is not found in time, the debt cannot be recovered.                                                                                                                                                                                                   

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