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Business Survey

China RedStar business survey is to provide support basis to you when you are establishing business cooperation, making investment transactions, making business plans, making business decisions to basis, to find more valuable information, in order to avoid and reduce various business risks faced by enterprises. It mainly includes the enterprise background credit investigation, the competitor intelligence investigation, the investment transaction business risk investigation and the purchaser supplier risk investigation.

  • Investment Transaction Business Risk

    Investment Transaction Business Risk

    Investment transaction business risk becomes the biggest risk faced by enterprises in business activities such as investment, cooperation, trade, transactions and business. Due to insufficient informa...
  • Corporate Background Credit Investigation

    Corporate Background Credit Investigation

    When companies and individuals engage in business activities such as investment and trade, they are full of various potential risks. The common question is: "Is the company's information true...
  • Competitor Intelligence Survey

    Competitor Intelligence Survey

    How to understand the strengths, weaknesses and vulnerabilities of competitors? How do you know the competitors' buyers, suppliers and potential partners? What technical products or sales methods ...
  • Buyers Supplier Survey

    Buyers Supplier Survey

    Conducting in-depth buyer and supplier surveys can help you meet your strategic and tactical sourcing needs, helping you reduce total cost of procurement, reduce time to purchase, broaden supplier mix...

RedStar's corporate business research can help you:

1. Have a deeper understanding of the ownership, business activities, background credits, corporate history and related party relations of the target company or business partners (including agents, distributors, important suppliers and customers, licensees, joint ventures and alliance partners);To help enterprises find hidden problems that may threaten business cooperation, so as to determine the risk of target companies or business partners in the whole business;

2. Understand the competition in product development, marketing, customer base, or interest in the sales staff or employees, RedStar's team can find any information that may be good for your business, help you to learn how to keep the leading position, obtaining competitive advantage, or in the competition to make the right before and after reaction;

3. Our enterprise business surveys in investment and trading, business for the customer provides the key information needed and facts, including survey investment transaction object and related business relationship between companies and individuals, as well as the supply chain, distribution networks, such as patent and intellectual property ownership, help customers to more accurately assess the business partner, minimize the potential risk and threat, seize the opportunity accurately and protect the customer's important assets;

4. Fully understand the risks involved in business transactions of purchasers and suppliers, including supply interruption and continuity, purchaser bribery and corruption, supplier safety and quality, financial difficulties of purchasers and suppliers, etc., so as to improve your business plan and conduct investment transactions without worries.

For more solutions to corporate business surveys, please refer to the following link:

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Engineering Construction Industry         

Financial Investment Industry                                       


IT And E-commerce                            

Legal Industry     


Real Estate Industry        

Wholesale and Retail Trade                                          

Anti-counterfeiting Investigation                                                                                            

Cyber Scam Investigation                                             

Debtor Tracking          

Litigation and Legal Support 

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