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China Red Star's detective agency services support you in your business cooperation, investment transactions, business plans, business decisions and other important matters. In order to avoid and reduce potential risks and threats in business activities, it is important to collect more relevant information and evidence through professional investigators.

The business investigations mainly include the enterprise business credit investigation, the competitor intelligence investigation, the investment transaction business risk investigation and the purchaser supplier risk investigation. This researches can help you to have a deeper understanding of the target company or business partners and hidden problems. Among which the detective agency services provides an in-depth investigation to find key information that many common enterprises failed to find, such as the competition in product development, marketing, customer base, or interest in the sales staff or employees; The assessment of the business partner and comprehensive understanding of the risks involved in business transactions of purchasers and suppliers. Red Star works with diligence to collect information and seize the business opportunity accurately to protects the customer's important assets and minimizes the potential risk and threat, improving client business plan and conducting smooth investment transactions without worries.

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