Investigation Case Of Fake And Shoddy Electronic Products
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Investigation Case Of Fake And Shoddy Electronic Products

Recently, RedStar Company and Guangdong police have cracked a case of illegal production and sales of counterfeit electronic products. On-site investigation and handling of counterfeit goods involve a number of well-known computer brand products. The total amount of counterfeit products involved in the case amounted to more than 6 million yuan, mainly based on online sales. Covering more than 40 cities across the country, sales are staggering.

Investigation Case of Fake and Shoddy Electronic Products    Investigation Case of Fake and Shoddy Electronic Products

The cracking of this case has once again sounded the alarm for the online shopping family. For this, RedStar reminded consumers that in the online shopping process, we must improve the anti-fake awareness, protect their legitimate rights and interests, and beware of being deceived.

As a professional investigation and anti-counterfeiting company, Redstar has accumulated rich experience in investigation and evidence collection and has quickly found the manufacturing factory involved in this fraud through the careful investigation of the supply channels of different dealers. After a period of investigation and evidence collection, I have obtained a large amount of sufficient evidence and finally assisted the police in investigating and handling them according to the law in a unified time.

The professional investigator of Redstar Company said that the Pearl River Delta region has gathered a large number of fake and fake factories, and copied a large number of well-known computer brand products, and sold the products to all parts of the country through the network. The original cost was only two or three hundred. Yuan's refurbished machine can be turned into a high-end product worth thousands of dollars after being “gold-plated” by the factory. It will not only guarantee the quality of the consumers but also cause certain economic losses for the consumers. It is a serious violation of its legally owned sales rights and brand interests. Therefore, such a phenomenon is firmly resisted by both citizens and law enforcement agencies. Once sufficient evidence is available, it will be strictly investigated.

RedStar has taken over more than 30 similar cases, including the highest amount of more than 10 million yuan. During the investigation of counterfeiting, RedStar always insisted on using "evidence" to speak and relying on "details" to win The service concept of "professional" is based on a sound legal team, a scientific case handling process, a solid social foundation, and a professional execution force to provide customers with favorable legal service support and guarantee, so that the core interests of customers are always placed first. Actively help customers defend their rights with a professional attitude that is constantly changing.

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