How To Prove Trademark Infringement
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How To Prove Trademark Infringement

When it comes to trademark infringement, many start-up bosses are often at a loss. They do not know how to prove the trademark infringement without evidence even they clearly know that the other side has violated their legitimate rights and interests. It's like a bad guy who breaks the law and can't be identified.

 Evidence is crucial to prove trademark infringement. As long as there is evidence, we are not afraid of trademark infringement. Therefore, we should develop the habit of keeping evidence.

Evidence of trademark being used on goods:

(1) trademarked goods, product packaging, containers, labels, commodity additional signs, product specifications, brochures, price lists, etc.

(2) transaction documents related to commodity sales, including commodity sales contracts, invoices, bills, receipts, commodity import, and export inspection and quarantine certificates, customs declaration form, etc.

(3) advertisements on radio, television and other media, or advertisement on public distribution, as well as advertisements on billboards, by post or other forms of advertisement.

(4) trademarked printed matter and other materials provided at exhibitions and expositions.

(5) other trademarks use evidence in accordance with the law.

Generally, the profession of a trademark infringement case is relatively strong. So it is difficult to prove trademark infringement by oneself, especially for some partners who are not familiar with rights protection. In that case, you can let the specialist do the professional thing. At this time, you can entrust CHINA REDSTAR LIMITED to carry out an investigation and obtain evidence, who has the rich legal knowledge, rich experience in proving trademark infringement cases, and excellent defense skills. It is more convenient and effective to investigate and collect evidence of proving trademark infringement for professional agents than the parties. The evidence is often more extensive and accurate, which has high credibility in judicial practice.

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