How Should the Evidence Be Regulated by Private Detective Firms?
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How Should the Evidence Be Regulated by Private Detective Firms?

In some cases, the most basic principle is to follow: whoever raises a question must provide the corresponding evidence. However, in real life, due to the limitation of certain conditions, the parties are unable to achieve the purpose of collecting evidence. On the contrary, there are adverse circumstances to themselves. This principle is bust in all but in name, not to mention to achieve the value of the principle. The private corporate detectives has some relevant professional knowledge and strong ability. If he is given certain investigation power, he can definitely reduce the burden of investigation agency and make some contribution to the progress of the case.

Clear investigation contents and methods

The investigation content and method of corporate detective should be regulated by making corresponding rules and regulations, which can make the detective's behavior have legal basis. At the same time, compared with ordinary people, detectives should be given certain privileges. For example, they can inquire the bank account of the investigated object according to the law. Of course, this right must have a legal basis. Once detectives violate the relevant laws and regulations, they must be held responsible according to law.

Establishing the validity of evidence

As for the evidence obtained by the corporate detective and whether it is accepted or not, it should not be treated differently from the evidence obtained by the special investigative organ in terms of public credibility. However, as far as the current situation is concerned, these have met with obstacles. Sometimes the investigation and evidence collection of private detective companies will be blocked. Therefore, laws and regulations should be improved as soon as possible, and the proof power of evidence should not be treated differently due to different subject status. Only in this way can the evidence obtained by private detective companies have equal status.

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