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How Does RedStar's Private Investigator Resolve Fraud?

Based on the nature of the fraud involved and the case at hand, RedStar will assign a series of professional private investigators to systematically collect and analyze existing information and present the findings to the evidence found by our private investigators on the ground. Cross-reference, then compile these records and provide them as the latest report, showing evidence related to the allegations, potential suspects, their circumstances, and any other information related to the case. With this information, our customers make informed decisions about how to deal with specific issues,  for example, alerting, filing a lawsuit, or dismissing a malicious worker.

Provide our customers with the extra protection they need through our accurate and detailed private investigation services.

We can help you respond immediately and decisively by:

  • Investigate actual or suspected fraud, market abuse or other financial crimes in a short period of time.

  • Determine the facts: who did what, when and how.

  • Find out how to allow incidents and interview suspects and witnesses?

  • Track and recover lost funds or assets.

  • Identify, protect, process and analyze critical evidence materials or company data.

  • Analyze, assess facts, and gather intelligence.

  • Take remedial measures to reduce the likelihood of recurrence and provide assurance to regulators, law enforcement, markets, customers and other stakeholders.

  • Reducing reputational and commercial damage that may result from an accident.

You can expect:

  • Recover all or part of the stolen funds.

  • In order to avoid or reduce the reputation damage of your investors, customers and creditors, thereby reducing the possible chain business impact of destructive fraud.

  • Strengthen your anti-fraud control to prevent and detect future losses.

Claims and disputes

Through our private investigators, Redstar assists companies and their legal advisors in preparing solutions and strategies for complex commercial disputes. By providing financial advice on frequently controversial contracts and transactions, we help companies reduce the risks that may arise in the future before the transaction is signed. We help companies effectively articulate their positions on business events in arbitration, court proceedings, and other alternative dispute resolution procedures. By combining the strengths of investigation and evidence collection, industry insights and extensive experience in dispute counseling, we can provide strong, impartial, independent and professional advice on a range of professional issues that are critical to the outcome of the dispute. This ultimately helps companies maintain their business value and derive legal benefits from contracts and transactions.


Use secret inquiries, on-site monitoring and other technologies to conduct targeted investigations to develop evidence quality facts; Investigate interviews and develop detailed plans for decision making; Analyze assessment data and background; Identify and locate assets for collection; Identification, position and interview important factual sources and people; Conduct targeted research and surveys; Test, preserve and analyze electronic evidence.

Entrusted by the enterprise to carry out evidence collection, evidence collection from the following aspects: Evidence of the right holder, trade secrets, confidentiality measures, illegal acquisition of trade secrets, illegal use of trade secrets, loss evidence to prove the infringement of corporate trade secrets.

Guide enterprises to collect evidence of secrets and leaks: Guide enterprises to collect evidence of employee leaks from electronic data, words, written, physical evidence, audio-visual materials, and make investigation and evidence collection more comprehensive and meticulous.

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