Game Industry Infringement Investigation
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Game Industry Infringement Investigation

With the rapid development of the Chinese game market, the continuous growth of market users has led to the continuous release of products such as copyright-free, unauthorized, counterfeit and shoddy. Some gamers with mature gameplay modes, or those with large IP game products, are the targets of illegal infringement.

Just in early August, China RedStar Company cooperated with Shenzhen law enforcement agencies to carry out an inventory operation on a factory in Shenzhen. On the spot, it seized about 20,000 pieces of a well-known game product suspected of infringement in Japan, involving more than 10 pages of copyright appraisal. The number is huge, the plot is serious, and it is turned into a criminal case.

Originally, this case has finally come to an end. I don’t know. In September, RedStar investigated and cooperated with law enforcement agencies to conduct another inventory operation. A large number of game consoles were found on the spot, as well as game machine packaging, some game console products and infringing game console products. The packaging is completely consistent, and it is difficult to distinguish between true and false. After the staff's inventory check, the number of suspected infringing products on the site was finally 940. It is worth mentioning that the infringing game products were not installed in the inventory game machine system, which belonged to semi-processed products, and the infringement features were very secret.

On the same day, the police arrested 11 suspects to assist in the investigation, and 940 infringing products were also seized by relevant departments and did not flow into the market. RedStar strongly condemned the practice of making fake and fake sales, and resolutely cracked down on such illegal and criminal acts that harm consumers and the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises.

According to the Newzoo2018 global game market report: the global game market is expected to reach $137.9 billion in total revenue in 2018. China is the world's largest single market with an estimated revenue of $37.9 billion, accounting for 28% of global game revenue.

Behind the eye-catching data, there is chaos in the disorderly competition of online game companies, piracy, private service, piracy and other infringements.

According to the data of the referee's paper network, in 2017, the A-share listed companies and subsidiaries of the game industry had a total of 772 referee documents, and the high-infringement case disputes were concentrated in a large number of intellectual property fields such as copyright, trademark rights and patent rights.

There are many reasons for this phenomenon, including imperfect laws and regulations, weak intellectual property awareness of game development companies and the public, and difficulty in safeguarding rights.

Therefore, respecting and protecting the intellectual property of games has become an important task in the era of the development of new cultural industries. In the future, RedStar will also continue to assist the game intellectual property service industry colleagues to develop our professional capabilities and promote the protection and construction of intellectual property rights in many industries such as games.

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