Fee Standard of the Survey Company
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Fee Standard of the Survey Company

When looking for a private detective corporate, many friends will be concerned about the issue of fees, because they are afraid that finding a private detective requires a lot of fees, which is beyond their budget. In fact, in this case, you can consult the relevant fee information first. For example, the current private detectives generally have their own official website on the Internet, as well as a special hotline. People can consult the relevant fee information through the Internet or the phone. If you have a general understanding of the fee, you can know it well whether it is within its own afforfance.


For the fees of private detective corporates, people need to pay attention to the following aspects. The charges of each order must be different, because each customer's situation is different, so we need to pay attention in these aspects. Therefore, we can better estimate the costs we need to pay. For example, the investigation time is long or short, and the longer the investigation time is, the higher the charge will be; also, if it is an off-site investigation, the charge will be higher than that of the local investigation, which will be adjusted according to the specific situation.


It should also be noted that the investigation fee does not include some necessary expenses of the detective in terms of the charging items of detective corporates during this period, such as the transportation expenses, accommodation expenses, catering expenses for the investigation in other places. If some necessary expenses are incurred during the investigation, they are also required to be reimbursed by the customer, and it is not included in the investigation fee. For example, if you follow up the scenic spot, the ticket money will need to be reimbursed additionally.

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