Investigation On Counterfeiting And Selling Fake Sports Brands
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Investigation On Counterfeiting And Selling Fake Sports Brands

The Guangzhou police worked closely with the Redstar Research Corporation to investigate the counterfeit sales of counterfeit sports brands. On the basis of the previous investigation, a den of a famous brand of sportswear and sports shoes was sold and sold in, and 5,000 pairs of sportswear and 580 pairs of sports shoes were seized. The value involved was more than 15.8 million yuan.

Investigation on Counterfeiting and Selling Fake Sports Brands

On June 17, the Guangzhou Baiyun Economic Investigation Team received a clue from the report of the RedStar investigation company. In the Baiyun District, Taobao sellers sold fake brand sportswear and sports shoes in the online store. After receiving the clues, the Guangzhou Economic Investigation Brigade confirmed the specific address of several sales online stores through the touch. On August 20, the police went to the residential building in a residential area of Baiyun District, and arrested the owner of the online store, suspected of selling fake sportswear and sports shoes, and seized 5,000 sportswear and sneakers with a famous brand. 580 pairs. Approved, all are fake brand sports shoes. At present, Chen was criminally detained by the Guangzhou police for allegedly selling goods that were counterfeit registered trademarks.

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