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Employee Investigations

Business espionage, employee leaks, employee embezzlement, product quality disputes... are all too common in the developing China region. Many confident entrepreneurs who go to the mainland to invest often fail, many because of employee loyalty and customer fraud issues. Enterprise employee investigation is mainly divided into employee background investigation and employee compliance survey, for employees to be hired, employees in service, and the implementation of information related to the investigation of employees is an important aspect of enterprise human resources risk management and enterprise legal risk control.

  • Employee Background Check

    Employee Background Check

    The purpose of a corporate employee background check is to provide useful information about an individual's history to assess whether they may pose a threat to others or are generally trustworthy,...
  • Employee Claim Fraud

    Employee Claim Fraud

    Employee claim fraud and disability claim fraud can cause significant financial burden and reputational damage to companies and insurance companies. For example, if a company needs to prove fraudulent...
  • Employee Integrity Investigation

    Employee Integrity Investigation

    Corporate employee integrity investigation can help companies reduce and mitigate possible HR risks by providing an objective and comprehensive view of the full picture of potential onboarding executi...
  • Non-Compete


    It is not uncommon for a company's departing employees and core technical staff to violate their non-compete by joining a group, forming another business and investing the former company's tec...

Enterprise, the company is like an organism, only the internal operation of good can smoothly thrive. Once the internal mechanism of the problem, it will affect the healthy operation, increase unnecessary business risks, and even generate serious operational problems. We understand that companies may face a variety of problems, such as commercial espionage to steal confidential information, employees using their authority to misappropriate the company's interests, employee fraud, bribery, theft, violation of non-compete and other powerful measures to protect the rights and interests of enterprises is to investigate high-risk employees for the enterprise.

Enterprise employee investigation services include:

  1. The staff for a pre-employment background investigation, to understand their character, ability, education, employment, social relationships, and other background situations.

  2. The investigation of specific employees in a particular work, life during the activities, external contacts, etc.

  3. Investigation of senior employees, foreign representatives' life and entertainment, work efficiency, whether they do their duty for the company, morality, quality, etc.

  4. Investigation of personal credit verification of suspected fraud of corporate executives, core R&D personnel, and financial personnel who conceal their biographical background and social connections.

  5. Corporate executives in service or departed executives illegal transactions, including the acceptance of commercial bribery, the sale of commercial secrets, the use of corporate commercial secrets to engaging in business practices, and other profitable behavior investigation.

  6. Corporate executives, core research and development personnel, financial personnel whereabouts investigation.

  7. To receive company commissions, professional managers, senior management, sales department, procurement department personnel, financial department staff, internal employees of the enterprise to conduct confidential investigations and background investigations.

  8. Internal staff corruption and bribery, theft, internal and external collusion investigation, and tracing the location of the stolen money and goods, tracing the other company and people who paid bribes, investigation, and assessment of the losses caused.

  9. Employee infringement of trade secrets, leakage of commercial secrets, investigation and forensics, monitoring and investigation of the relevant core personnel, etc.

  10. Employee violation of non-compete agreement investigation, employee exit destination investigation, employee violation of confidentiality agreement investigation, etc.

  11. Senior employees in service, core employees and have cooperated with business partners, intended partners, potential partners background, credit investigation, fulfilment of commitments to investigate, etc.

China Red-Star private investigation company's discreet and thorough investigation of corporate employees can effectively help you.

▪ Reduce the risk of fraud and internal corporate fraud

▪ Reduce recruitment errors and the resulting lawsuits

▪ Reduce litigation at the organizational/company level

▪ Reduce financial, technical, and personnel risks

▪ Reduce the risk of sabotage and infiltration by individuals or groups

In China, Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Foshan, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Changsha, Nanjing, Ningbo, Qingdao, Suzhou, Wenzhou, Wuxi, Xiamen, Yantai, Yiwu, etc., China Red Star Investigation Company provides professional corporate employee investigation services, please contact China Red-Star private investigation agency for a personalized quote or any other information you may require about our services.

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