Corporate Verification
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Corporate Verification

Corporate verification services focus on checking the legitimacy of your chosen Chinese factories and suppliers, which is one of the important means for enterprises to prevent business risks and secure business.Company verification service can assist you to fully understand the qualifications, credit, and background of the other company, screen the advantages and disadvantages of new partners, discover potential risks early and avoid becoming a victim of fraud.

  • Company Background Verification

    Company Background Verification

    The company background verification service is designed to reduce the risk of partnering or trading. Unfortunately, Chinese companies are not known as trusted trading partners and we always recommend ...
  • Factory Background Verification

    Factory Background Verification

    The purpose of factory background verification is to ensure that the factory has the capabilities required to manufacture products to your specifications and quality standards within the specified tim...
  • Company Background Check

    Company Background Check

    Corporate background verification investigation is very common and necessary in business activities. When companies conduct investment, cooperation, trade, and other business activities, common questi...
  • Supplier Verification

    Supplier Verification

    Supplier verification service refers to the collection and verification of information data from specific suppliers before cooperation, trade, transaction, and business, to eliminate low-end suppliers...

Corporate verification services are recommended.

Collecting basic information about Chinese suppliers or partners.

Signing a valid contract with a Chinese supplier or partner.

Check whether your Chinese supplier understands your requirements

Buying from Chinese companies (also those found on Alibaba).

Filing a lawsuit against your Chinese supplier or partner.

Assist you in completing commercial negotiations with your Chinese suppliers...

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