The Characteristics, Significance, Acquisition And Analysis Of Competitive Intelligence
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The Characteristics, Significance, Acquisition And Analysis Of Competitive Intelligence

Every entrepreneur is attracted to the unique charm of competitive intelligence, and they naturally base their decisions on competitive intelligence. How to obtain competitive intelligence and how to use competitive intelligence naturally becomes our concern. The acquisition of competitive intelligence is of the utmost importance to the strategic decision-making of the enterprise. It can help the company to formulate a strategy for conducting business wars at various stages of product design, product price, product production and sales service, and adjust itself directly to competitors. 

By the same token, trade secrets that can be watched by competitors have become a place where companies need extraordinary vigilance. The importance of enhancing confidentiality is even more important than arranging access to competitive intelligence. The leakage of competitive intelligence is also a devastating blow to the survival and development of enterprises. In the real market competition, infringement of trade secrets and leakage of trade secrets continue to appear, and the corresponding infringement of trade secrets is more difficult, and the time cost and corporate energy consumed in the process of legal proceedings are large, so there are constantly Experts pointed out that in the use of trade secrets, enterprises should establish a strong trade secret protection system.

Competitive intelligence survey has obvious two-sidedness in corporate decision-making and corporate governance. It is also a delicate behavior to spy on acquiring competitors' intelligence and protecting their own business secrets. In the study of information science, the means of obtaining intelligence or protective measures are coexisting. They are two aspects of reciprocity. This kind of reciprocity of competitive intelligence is often neglected because the task of acquiring the other party's intelligence can only be completed by a few people, and intelligence protection is achieved by all employees of the enterprise.

The scope of competitive intelligence

Shopping malls, such as battlefields, gain access to competitive intelligence and access to information about markets, products, and services, and information about competitors can lead to better positioning, development of more competitive products, and more attractiveness. The service, even the acquisition of the other side, to achieve the purpose of expanding the enterprise.

The research or service of competitive business intelligence is not based on the confidentiality of enterprises. The focus is on the long-term development of enterprises. Through research on competitors, we develop development strategies for enterprises and determine what to establish with other enterprises. Play a role in the relationship.

Competitive information about products

Products are the most important form of expression for enterprises to create value for society. They are also the starting point for enterprises to compete. The market opportunities brought by innovations in products cannot be underestimated. The demand for competitive intelligence around products is very strong, and any company will care about the product strategy and direction of competitors in the same market segment. Competitive intelligence surrounding the product includes product functionality, appearance, cost, price, process, life cycle, and more. The most insidious is the production process. The function and appearance can be grasped by purchasing samples of the product, and the production process is often the confidential part of the enterprise and has a great impact on the production cost. 

Formulations in products such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, beverages, feeds, etc. are particularly important competitive intelligence. The cost of formula testing in these areas is very high, but after the formulation and process, the cost of simulation is very low. Convenience is the most important competitive intelligence in these areas. Market speculation and profit opportunities of products are competitive intelligence that enterprises are concerned about. They have higher strategic significance than the above contents. The collection cost of such information is also very high. The cracking of enterprises is closely related to the leakage of such information.

Competitive information about services

Unlike tangible products, competitive intelligence service is more difficult to obtain and more difficult to simulate. The components of knowledge governance and human resource governance that are included in it are not only in the article but also in the entire corporate culture. The competitive advantage formed by the service is based on long-term training and edification. Focusing on competitive intelligence in services requires comprehensive research and analysis of the target audience, grasping the essentials of its service norms and service processes, as well as collecting its corporate philosophy and obtaining the necessary information from the speech and behavior of its employees. The information projected from its customers is equally important. The competitive intelligence collected around the service has far-reaching significance for the development of the enterprise and is more important for establishing the correct strategic direction. The executive of the service must be the employee employed by the enterprise. The best way to obtain competitive intelligence about the service is to track and analyze the behavior of its employees.

Competitive intelligence about investment

The most fundamental source of any competitive advantage between enterprises is an investment. The products, plants, equipment and design capabilities of enterprises are the return of investment. The investment of capital is brewing the growth of competitive advantage. The investment behavior of competitors is naturally the most competitive information, and because the investment, income and other financial indicators are the business secrets of the company's operation, the acquisition of such information is more difficult. The investment behavior of enterprises includes the upgrading of products, the innovation and transformation of production equipment, the optimization and adjustment of production processes, and the absorption and change of human resources. Some of these investment behaviors may even be reflected in the enterprise. 

For example, production equipment, production technology, and human resources status may always be the business secrets of the enterprise. The investment of the enterprise in these aspects may never be announced. In terms of products, companies with their own brand products will naturally adopt a product strategy of selling one generation, developing one generation, and conceiving one generation to maintain their competitive advantage. The products developed and developed are the most important competitive intelligence. It is the key to success to grasp the opportunities for products to be put on the market or to surpass competitors in performance. Investment in production equipment and processes is very concealed, and these two aspects have a significant impact on the cost control and quality assurance of enterprises and are extremely valuable competitive intelligence. In the market environment of introducing foreign-funded enterprises and developing private enterprises, it is impossible for human resources investment to judge the investment of enterprises through the title survey, and the competitive strategy of talents has become more competitive information.

Description of ways to obtain competitive intelligence

Like the price wars, service wars, brand wars and other battles in commercial warfare, competitive intelligence is also a fierce information war. Some companies even use espionage methods to select industrial espionage to obtain competitors' trade secrets. In fact, it is a misunderstanding to familiarize industrial jokes with the acquisition of competitive intelligence. It is also misleading for enterprises to succeed in information warfare. Hiring industrial espionage is indeed a means of obtaining competitive intelligence, but it is a violation of legal norms, and companies are at risk of legal punishment. 

In fact, from the information disclosed by the company, it can also analyze and sort out very valuable competitive intelligence. These available channels include information on the Internet, reports in technical exchanges, performance on exhibitions, and market surveys. Data and so on. The most important thing in the study of competitive intelligence is to determine what information is valuable for business decisions, where it may be published and which media. There are always people who like to show off in the enterprise, and regard the things that originally trade secrets as the content that enhances the value of the enterprise, and invite other colleagues or partners to visit. These people will also inadvertently reveal the content that should be kept secret.

The commercial war is different from the real war. The resources and research invested by enterprises in competitive intelligence cannot be compared with the intelligence activities in the war. Every war or strategy wins only one party, and competition among enterprises is long-term behavior. To defeat competitors is continuous development, so the greatest contribution of competitive intelligence is in the decision support of enterprises.

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