Business Survey Companies
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Business Survey Companies

Standard concept of business survey company: the organization providing business survey services. Business investigation company's main business items include: business fraud prevention, business risk control, business intelligence investigation, trademark anti-counterfeiting investigation, patent infringement investigation, capital credit investigation, employee background investigation, employee due diligence, loan fraud investigation, etc. The broad definition of business investigation company can cover all the commercial service organizations that obtain the entrusted information for the purpose of profit by legal investigation. Generally speaking, the business survey company in the theoretical research or investigation industry only refers to the business survey company under the standard concept.


Business survey companyis an integral part of the survey company. According to the different main service directions, the survey company can be divided into two categories: business survey company and civil survey company. Social survey companies are in the middle of the two because of the duality of service projects.


Business survey companies mainly include business survey companies, market survey companies, anti-fraud survey companies, enterprise risk management companies, intellectual property agency companies, enterprise credit survey companies, business information consulting companies, insurance fraud survey companies, anti-commercial fraud companies, business intelligence survey companies, social opinion survey companies and so on.


Although all belong to business investigation companies, their business scope and service direction are different.


For example: the market survey company mainly provides various target market investigation and research, investment project investigation and research; the enterprise credit survey company mainly provides the enterprise credit investigation and credit investigation service; the anti-counterfeiting investigation company mainly assists the brand enterprise in safeguarding rights and anti-counterfeiting service; the commercial intelligence survey company mainly provides the collection and research service of the commercial intelligence department, etc.

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