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What Do China's Private Detectives Do? How Do China's Detective Investigators Work?

First, Marriage investigation.

People in society are more and more convenient to communicate with each other, and a variety of software dating software is emerging in an endless stream, which has led to lower and lower trust between husbands and wives, so many husband-wife relationships have a green light. Many people, in order to share a little more benefit when dividing property, will entrust private investigators to help with the investigation, and private investigators will also charge some fees.

Second, Property investigation.

In recent years, the economy has continued to develop, and many people have shown their skills in shopping malls. However, some of them are not honest enough and they do not pay their debts. As an individual, I don’t have so much experience investigating the other party’s property, so when encountering problems such as fraudulent payments, financial disputes, finding debtors, address lockups, property investigations, etc., private detectives will be found.

Third, Information collection.

At present, Business like battlefields. In the event of major decisions, in order to avoid erroneous investments or protect intellectual property rights, maintain their brand image, prevent fraud and facilitate rights protection, and even collect information from competitors in the business. Will take fewer detours, so the business of private detectives is getting better.

Private detective investigators, in their work, mainly adopt methods such as secret shooting, covert video recording, tracking, and tracing to obtain the information of the target person. However, as a private detective, you need to master criminal psychology, law, detectives, tracking and surveillance, communication networks and other means, and even some techniques of capture and fighting and crisis self-help, so that you can save yourself when a crisis occurs.

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