What Can a Chinese Private Investigator Do and Cannot Do
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What Can a Chinese Private Investigator Do and Cannot Do

What can a Chinese private investigator do and cannot do?

Welcome to our China Private Investigator Frequently Asked Questions. Here we will try to answer some of your questions. If you have any questions, please call us or write to us.

Is my case confidential?

Yes, the information you provide to us and the results we give you are confidential, only between us.

When you contact us, please let us know the best way to communicate by phone, message, email or through our online social system. Online social networking, you can communicate directly with us to view and download our reports, photos, videos, and other documents.

Can Chinese private investigators access telephone and bank records?

In China, telephone records and bank records are private and cannot be obtained without a subpoena. It is important to collect evidence legally so that it can be used as evidence. Our business is access to information and our experience allows us to recommend other ways to achieve legal, ethical and effective case objectives.

Do you need your contact information for a private survey in China?

Yes. When we work with our clients, we need to establish an open relationship. We need to know who this person or business is and what their real goals are. At the same time, you need to know that we will act in a professional manner and focus on your best interests. You also need to know that we will treat your information confidentially in a confidential manner. We know who you are and what you need, and you feel that we can provide you with the work products you need while keeping all the information private, so we can work together effectively.

Is there a situation that cannot be taken by a private investigation in China?

Our company is "doing the right thing for justified reasons." When you contact us, we first ask for the type of information you need so we can find the best way to get it. We will also ask you about the nature of the case, as it is important that we investigate for legitimate commercial or legal reasons. In some cases, we politely refused the case and explained why we were unable to help.

What sources and methods did the Chinese private survey use in the survey?

When in investigating cases, we respect individual privacy issues and we do our utmost to achieve our clients' goals within the law and respect for privacy. We use a variety of sources and methods. The key to our success is creativity and resources to leverage our connections with many industry players. It is equally important to always comply with the law and obtain the information which customers need for reasonable reasons without compromising any human privacy.

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