Social Responsibility
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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Our values: integrity, rigorous, cooperation

We always remember the famous saying of Mr. George W. Merck, the founder of Merck: "We should always remember that drugs are produced for human beings, not for the pursuit of profit. As long as we stick to this belief, profit will surely follow." Forgetting the bottom-line mind of corporate social responsibility, everything is empty talk.

China Red Star is committed to contributing to the construction of a good, safe and honest business environment for SMEs and to practice corporate social responsibility in the following ways:

Our business is to reduce the risks of corporate investment transactions and improve the risk safety of enterprises. Based on integrity and excellent service, Red Star provides legal and effective business investigation services and risk solutions for enterprises to solve and strengthen business security, assisting enterprises to make correct business plans and decisions, helping enterprises to develop and working closely with corporate customers to build a safe and honest business environment. We strive to understand the needs of our customers and use our resources to meet these needs and ensure that every company that uses our services can benefit from it. This is our measure of success.

Our ethics:

As a professional business credit investigation company, Red Star believes that success depends on value and integrity, and integrity creates value. We adhere to a high standard of ethics and integrity, and we are highly responsible for our customers, shareholders, employees, and families. We will never find any shortcuts between professional and ethical. Our core business is to provide superior service to our customers, and we maintain trust from our stakeholders by keeping our promises, respecting the law and complying with our ethical behavior. To this end, we strive to create a corporate environment that respects, encourages, and works together.

Check out our "moral policy."

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