Private Detective Industry in China
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Private Detective Industry in China

How to treat China's private detective industry?

In China, the emergence and development of private detectives are not only closely related to the urgent needs of enterprises and individual citizens, but also to the development of science and technology, specialization, and the legal system.

1. Traditional legal services such as the public authority of the national government and lawyers cannot effectively address the needs:

National public power departments have greater limitations in personalizing and commercializing services. No matter which country is no exception, this is also the reason that private detectives exist legally abroad. The general parties are also reluctant to know the contents of the investigation by too many unrelated persons. Due to the complexity and professionalism of investigations and related work, it is difficult for lawyers to undertake such work alone! Take anti-counterfeiting and some litigation evidence collection as an example. Those who have no professional training and are more general legal affairs lawyers, who can risk their lives, sneak into the fake base, collect and shoot relevant evidence and photos on-site? How many lawyers are willing to change their face, staring at a suspicious object for more than ten days, collecting all kinds of information that may be helpful from the front and side channels? These are not the jobs that the lawyer alone can do! These all need to have another professional investigator, that is, a private investigative investigation agency!

2. Corporate credit survey, employee survey, private survey:

With the development of the economy, the weakening of traditional morality, and the imperfection of legal regulations, the risks of economic activities such as business and trade are also increasing! When conducting trade and business, the company conducts investigation background and credit to ensure business safety; before recruiting a person in charge of an important position, understand the employee's past experience and conduct to reduce human resource risks. For the individual, the principle of "who advocates and who gives evidence" is the key to winning the "lawsuit" in judicial practice. For the parties to the case, how to collect as much evidence as possible for themselves? The collection of litigation evidence is extremely professional, and it is very difficult for individual citizens and enterprises to rely on their own strength. This has provided a space for some former judicial department staff, private investigative investigation agencies with professional investigation channels and relevant qualities.

3. Enterprise intellectual property protection and anti-unfair competition:

China's existing market economy has been transformed from a traditional planned economic system, and it lacks awareness of intellectual property rights and brand name protection. In some regions and enterprises, they lack basic legal awareness and business ethics, and make, copy, and sell well-known brands of well-known companies. It is difficult to rely on the state sector alone to stop counterfeit goods sales. Whether it is in intelligence gathering or investigation and forensics capabilities, more professional, professional, and social agency assistance is needed. Due to the limited human resources and resources of government departments, and the high cost of investigating such cases, and the effects of which are difficult to predict, private detective (investigation) agencies are obviously a much better choice. Private investigative investigation agencies generally have special investigative methods to better protect enterprises against unfair competition.

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