Our History
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Our History

Our History

Since 2006, we have evolved from a traditional private investigative agency to a business research firm focusing on risk investigation, business intelligence, and rights forensics. To improve the quality of our business investigation services, we made a series of changes and adjustments while maintaining the possibility of applying special inspection methods in private investigative activities.

While striving to create value, Red Star always keeps in mind of corporate social responsibility, and always adheres to the business philosophy of "integrity and pragmatism, cooperation and win-win", integrates social responsibility and company philosophy into the whole process of corporate strategy, culture and operation. These legal and effective business investigation services and rights protection forensics services help companies make correct business plans and decisions,  bringing enterprise with safe and honest business environments.

redstar history redstar history redstar history

After more than ten years of hard work, we struggled in the storm, fumbled in the darkness, and suffered in the hot sun. With a deep understanding of China's business environment and social culture and rich experience resources, we have strengthened our business strength through practice. With pragmatic investigation services, we actively protect the core interests of our customers, and work tirelessly to meet the needs and satisfaction of our customers, and provide strong legal support and guarantee for the operation and development of our customers. We focus on business investigation and security forensics, providing special services to nearly 500 companies, and assisting in the investigation of corporate background credit, fraudulent transaction risk, trade fraud, competitor intelligence, trademark patent infringement, anti-counterfeiting investigation, trade secret protection, Services such as economic debt disputes and litigation support have won the praise of customers with excellence, integrity and success.

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