Development of Private Detectives in China
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Development of Private Detectives in China

Development of Private Detectives in China


In 1992, China's first private detective agency, the Shanghai Social safety Consulting and Investigation Office was established. The founders were four policemen who were known as the four major domestic criminal investigation experts at the time. The firm is called "Consulting and Investigation".In fact, they were the first private detectives in China. A year later, China's Ministry of PublicSecurity issued a document stating that the establishment of a private investigative agency was banned, and this agency was canceled.


In 1993, China's first anti-commercial fraud investigation agency was established.


On September 7, 1993, the Ministry of Public Security issued the "Notice on Prohibiting the Establishment of Private Institutions of the" Private Detective Agency "". The notice said: "Given that there is no legal basis for the business scope, rights, and obligations of these private institutions, the various types of business they have operated have been managed by public security organs, procuratorates, courts and judicial departments, and some methods used in business activities have violated In accordance with the relevant provisions of the Criminal Procedure Law of the People's Republic of China, the exercise of the departmental power of the national law enforcement department has caused some problems. To this end, it is decided that it is strictly forbidden for any unit or individual to establish various forms of civil affairs investigation offices and other private entities Private agency of the nature of a detective. "


In 1994, China's first intellectual property protection investigation agency was established.


On June 16, 2000, the first advanced academic seminar on a civil investigation initiated by a private investigation agency was held in Beijing.


In April 2002, the Evidence Rules issued by the Supreme People's Court recognized the probative power of audiovisual materials as evidence, exceptions are provided for legal prohibitions and infringements on the legitimate rights and interests of others.


In October 2002, according to the requirements of the World Trademark Intellectual Property Professional Organization, the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce expanded the registration of the original 42 categories of goods and services trademarks to 45 categories and included private detective company in the new "Goods and Services Trademarks" Registration distinction table.


On December 7, 2002, the "2002 China Business Information Survey Industry Symposium" was held in Chongqing. Detective investigative experts from various roads at the "China Private Detective Summit" reached a consensus: the scope of business of private investigations lies in business economic investigations, Industry development direction is a business economic survey.


In November 2002, the Sichuan Luzhou Court rewarded private detective catches "Lao Lai". "Detective companies" appropriately intervene in civil investigations of public power to make up for the lack of public power, which is conducive to the positive recognition of the people's court on the part of society.


At the beginning of April 2003, a business information consulting company in Chongqing publicly recruited 3 to 5 detective investigators for the first time to the society, and there was a spectacular scene when nearly 1,000 people went to apply for jobs. Direct people's focus to "China's Sherlock Holmes".


In February 2004, CCTV2 Economics and Law reported on Chinese private detectives, and private detectives gradually surfaced. Video: Approaching Private Detective 1; Approaching Private Detective 2; Private Detective 3: Where Are Chinese Private Detectives Going? .


In April 2009, Throughout the country, the Ministry of Public Security and several other state departments have severely cracked down on private detectives who violated regulations and laws. A number of persons suspected of violent debt collection, violation of personal privacy, and fraud were arrested and sentenced.


On December 16, 2010, China's first case "Private Detective to Obtain Personal Information Illegally" was sentenced. Prior to this, Prior to this, there were nearly 200,000 private detective practitioners in China. After this severe crackdown, eight out of ten private detective practitioners began to transform and change careers, and the detective industry went quiet.


Before the country issued the corresponding laws and regulations, China’s private detective industry was not regulated, and scammers were overgrown. At the same time, the private detective industry is like unattended cropland. The real food has not grown and has been completely destroyed, Surrounded by weeds, it is more difficult to find a true, reputable, and professional private detective.


These instructions:

First, The law does not recognize private detectives, but there is market demand, and the situation of Chinese private detectives is very awkward;

Second, in China, private detectives can solve some "difficult" problems, but they must be based on the lawful acquisition and collection of information, otherwise, the probability of private detectives breaking the law is extremely high;

Third, effective supervision of private detectives is very difficult. These years have been exposed behind private detectives, hiding a group of people who deliberately leaked citizen information. They have rich citizens' personal information resources in state agencies or in finance, telecommunications, transportation, education, and other institutions. Internally, some staff members have betrayed citizen information.

In reality, private detectives use their professional skills and knowledge to serve those who suffer from lack of evidence and need to defend their rights, and hide or travel through the streets of the city to a certain extent have penetrated into people's lives.

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