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Company Profile

China Red Star corporation is a professional business investigation company providing risk investigation and legal evidence service for enterprises. Over the years committed to the safety and risk of the enterprise sector, Red Star mainly provides information collecting services for the enterprise to solve problems in the investment cooperation, trading business, employee violations such as counterfeiting, infringement. With the deep understanding of Chinese business environment and social culture in addition with rich experience, we assist in the investigation involving commercial fraud, collect competitive intelligence, human risk, commercial secrets, the brand rights forensics, economic debt dispute, forming four major business aspects consisted of business investigation, risks prevention, rights forensics, and employee investigation, growing with a series of business evidence collecting and investigation, risk prevention, and other services.

We based on integrity and the remarkable service, through the establishment of strategic partnership, Red Star company provides enterprises with the legal and valid business investigations, rights protection forensic service and risk solutions to solve and strengthen business security, improving the sustainable development of the enterprise, helping enterprises to make the right business plan and decision. We work closely with enterprise customers, to build a safe, good faith business environment.

China Red Star Company Team China Red Star Company Team China Red Star Company Team China Red Star Company Team China Red Star Company Team China Red Star Company Team

With increasing uncertainties in the global market and increasing trade risks, enterprises are facing increasing competition, threats and risks of fraud, and most enterprises lack professional staff and powerful resources to find valuable information and business intelligence, so they cannot make timely and correct decisions.No matter you are a large, medium, small or just starting enterprise, when there is any damage to the relevant interests of the enterprise in the process of your business operation, China Redstar company will discuss with you together to help you solve each stage of the incident, so as to prevent any further damage to the interests of your enterprise. 

Our customized in-depth investigation service can meet the investigation needs of different levels, levels, needs and contents. With our deep understanding of customer needs, the investigation methods are highly and strictly abide by the working process, to service the pursuit of quality. We effectively using application of technology, adhering to the principle of client interests first, to provide accurate business information, for the customer to efficiently avoid all kinds of risk, eliminate hidden dangers, enterprise development to save labor costs and improve enterprise performance, helping customers make the right business decision as well as a breakthrough in human and development and win-win! We strictly abide by professional ethics, strictly protect customer trade secrets, for the development of the enterprise and escorting of business safety, to ensure customers in a fair and just business environment with smooth operation.

Based in China, we have a wide range of services, and the founding team is the earliest pioneer of business investigation industry in China. We based on the business risk survey, competitive intelligence survey to support, external and internal environment for the enterprise risk prevention and control of the competitive intelligence collection services, for enterprises to avoid risk, to eliminate hidden dangers, gain a competitive advantage and to take action. With a profound understanding and rich experience unique business risk investigation of the domestic business environment and Chinese special social and cultural background, summing up a set of business surveys theory as the framework. The enterprise risk control based on business risk survey model, developed a series of business risk survey services, emergency solutions for the enterprise, to improve the security of enterprise business to provide professional support. 

We focus on the needs of customers, in compliance with the law, to provide business information support, provide reliable results for enterprises to make decisions, create value for enterprises; Provide professional and comprehensive business investigation to help enterprises in trouble avoid possible risks, reduce losses and solve problems for enterprises; Always in a highly confidential way to carry out high-quality work, so that our customers in a safe mode, bring joy to customers; Enable the company to move forward safely and smoothly in line with its business strategy and vision.

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